Matthew Mills

Matthew is a hard-work­ing wait­er/hook­er in the tav­ern that be­longs to his fa­ther.

While his dad brews the finest beer, Matthew takes care of de­liv­er­ing it to the guests, not for­get­ting to show a lit­tle ad­ver-tease-ment of his own ser­vices as well as thank the client for a good tip.

The tav­ern is lo­cat­ed in Foldale, the har­bor vil­lage al­ways full of sailors and pi­rates. Need­less to men­tion what pro­fes­sion is most in de­mand here. Thank­ful­ly, the vil­lage is not short on at­trac­tive teens who don't mind to eval­u­ate how much they're worth in gold and sil­ver.

Matthew is a re­al hard work­er in that sense, but aside from work his biggest pas­sion is con­tor­tion­ism. Some­thing his dad didn't care much about at first, but af­ter see­ing all the ben­e­fits he even start­ed to help his son with the stretch­ing. The young man's hob­by quick­ly grew in­to the tav­ern's main pop­u­lar­i­ty boost­er!

Matthew, who got a lot of oc­cas­sion­al slaps on his butt as a young kid for all his mis­chie­vous­ness, break­ing dish­es while try­ing to "help", bring­ing all kinds of dirt to the tav­ern from the street... as he grew up in­to a grace­ful slen­der youth, he nev­er re­al­ly stopped get­ting slapped on his butt, though the slaps now were all the dif­fer­ent kind X3

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