The Tavern

Lit­tle Matthew Mills has al­ways been a rather mis­chie­vous kid, al­ways would cause a lot of trou­bles to his par­ents, who owned the tav­ern. Ba­si­cal­ly, his on­ly joy was to run to the street, rip all his clothes do­ing on­ly God knows what, then get­ting him­self all dirty, and then this lit­tle imp would get back home and jump on his bed with­out even chang­ing the clothes! Of course, he'd nev­er for­get to break a cou­ple of dish­es on his way through the kitchen, too.

Bro­ken dish­es, dirt from the street... not the kind of a boy his par­ents were hap­py to have and his dad wasn't the kind of a man who en­joyed slap­ping chil­dren, al­though he had to do it on a dai­ly ba­sis! Luck­i­ly for all of them, their tav­ern was once vis­it­ed by a wan­der­ing ma­gi­cian who was a very wise man with a huge sil­ver beard cov­ered with the pur­ple spots of wine mak­ing his ap­pear­ance even so much more mag­i­cal, and so, be­ing such an all-around wise man, he of­fered (in ex­change for a few mag­i­cal po­tions of vod­ka) to tell the se­cret: how to make the boy less clum­sy, more clever and per­form­ing tasks most def­i­nite­ly more use­ful to the house­hold...

Of course, I wouldn't be me if the wan­der­ing ma­gi­cian weren't talk­ing about mak­ing the boy in­to an ac­ro­bat for show­ing him off to guests, and I'm sure most of my long term watch­ers would eas­i­ly make up the rest of the sto­ry from the clum­sy lit­tle boy to the hand­some young lad in the mid­dle of the pic ^_^

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