Matthew's New Room v2

Dream­ing in the beds of rich peo­ple can help you achieve a bet­ter and hap­pi­er life.
- the ba­sic con­cept of the Amer­i­can Dream

The count's son Ju­lian was a very spoiled young man with a lot of ex­pen­sive dress­es, a long and high­ly ex­pen­sive wavy hair­cut and so on... Once he was wan­der­ing around a ran­dom vil­lage, mak­ing cute beg­gar kids lick his boots for a coin, then when he got thirsty for wine, he en­tered a near­by tav­ern and what did he see there?

A rather hand­some young man, scant­i­ly clad with what lit­tle was left of old ripped shirt and pants, do­ing a hand­stand up­on a beer keg. Keep­ing his hand­stand steady, he then be­gan to flu­id­ly bend his back til he him­self took a firm seat on his own shoul­ders!

That was so breath­tak­ing and cu­ri­ous that Ju­lian in­stant­ly felt jeal­ous of all the good peo­ple en­joy­ing that won­der­ful show prac­ti­cal­ly for free (and some of them not even pay­ing much at­ten­tion), so he in­stant­ly want­ed to have this kid all for him­self.

Matthew was giv­en a per­son­al room in Ju­lian's fam­i­ly res­i­dence, a new pair of pants, a big­ger keg, a vis­it to a hair styl­ist, a pret­ty ear-ring and, of course, a kiss on the cheek. Matthew was stunned by all this, spe­cial­ly the lat­ter, but soon he got used to Ju­lian's aris­to­crat­ic man­ners and even learned to re­turn the fa­vor, which wasn't all that hard be­cause Ju­lian had that invit­ing "who cares he's ac­tu­al­ly a guy" ap­pear­ance, the long curly locks made him look like an an­gel, spe­cial­ly while wear­ing his snow white pa­ja­ma. But we'll leave all this for an­oth­er sto­ry ^^

So yeah, Matthew changed his au­di­ence from poor farm­ers to the many, many mem­bers of the count's huge fam­i­ly and the many guests and ser­vants who lived in the res­i­dence. The count didn't mind and rather en­joyed gath­er­ing a huge crowd in his house, though he on­ly paid short vis­its as he al­so had to pro­vide faith­ful ser­vice to the roy­al court.

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