Matthew's New Room

Not every­one liked Matthew for his ob­vi­ous ro­mance with Ju­lian, but most if not all peo­ple loved to watch his per­for­mances, so no­body felt like poi­son­ing him or any­thing like that. Be­sides, many peo­ple there were just like Matthew, poor friends and rel­a­tives of the rich­er fam­i­ly mem­bers.

So, a few times a day Matthew had to work on pol­ish­ing that butt-to-shoul­ders hand­stand that be­came Ju­lian's fa­vorite, tor­tur­ing his still young and flex­i­ble spinal col­umn to fur­ther se­cure his po­si­tion (no pun in­tend­ed) in fear that if this pos­ture be­comes any less eye can­dy he might get kicked from the house just as eas­i­ly as he got in there.

He had to do a lot of con­tor­tion for Ju­lian but it wasn't quite clear from the amount of at­ten­tion he got in re­turn if the rich boy liked Matthew as a friend or he was just ex­cit­ed to play with a bendy doll.

Some­times Ju­lian treat­ed Matthew as his best friend and they'd walk through the seem­ing­ly end­less gar­den that spread around the house, eat­ing cream and hold­ing hands. But on oth­er days the amount of push­ing on his poor spine re­mind­ed him of his ear­ly train­ing days with his dad, the innkeep­er, who dragged Matthew all the way from a mis­chie­vous and clum­sy kid who'd of­ten break plates and dish­es or get back home all cov­ered in dirt, to a skill­ful young ac­ro­bat who dou­bled the inn's dai­ly in­come.

Al­so, be­ing a coun­try side boy, Matthew has no idea how to read and write, so all the books you can see here are ac­tu­al­ly art books with paint­ings and il­lus­tra­tions cov­er­ing all cor­ners of the world, all kinds of cul­tures and man-made mas­ter­pieces - Matthew loves study­ing them be­fore go­ing to sleep, dream­ing to some day get off his own back and be­come a painter, maybe when his body's too old for con­tor­tion ^^

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