Time flies, gosh . . .

I drew this many years ago but I didn't fin­ish the back­ground so I didn't post it, then af­ter a few years I fin­ished the back­ground but for­got to post it, and now af­ter an­oth­er few years I'm fi­nal­ly post­ing this XD Yes I'm a snail... so bendy but so so slow ;o;

It was the Ju­lian's 19th birth­day. Al­though he was the lo­cal count's son, he was hope­less­ly in love with Matthew, a sim­ple son of the lo­cal innkeep­er. It was a love from the first sight and that first sight was way too de­li­cious to for­get.

Ju­lian was so en­am­oured with this farmer boy that he gave him a room in the count's man­sion, bought him nice clothes that he could use while stay­ing in the man­sion. He was wel­come at the count's house any day and was even paid well for per­form­ing at var­i­ous par­ties.

Matthew de­cid­ed to give some­thing back to Ju­lian and for his birth­day he wel­comed the count's son him­self to spend some time in the vil­lage, take a bath to­geth­er and then Matthew promised to show a very, very spe­cial pose that he can do on­ly af­ter a good hot bath and on­ly with the help of his dad.

Af­ter swim­ming in the lake and tak­ing a good bath, the boys gath­ered at Matthew's fa­vorite train­ing spot in the back­yard of his dad's tav­ern.
Mr. Eu­gene Mills, Matthew's dad, was very proud to have such a high guest as the count's son, so he did his best to rep­re­sent the life in the vil­lage in the bright­est and most ro­man­tic way pos­si­ble, as well as to give his own son, Matthew, such a good warm up that Matthew even got a lit­tle wor­ried be­cause his dad was ob­vi­ous­ly over­do­ing it, but even­tu­al­ly he was pushed in­to the deep­est back­bend prob­a­bly since the time when Matthew was 10. It felt so tense, but so, so nos­tal­gic...

"Oh boy, how long have you been train­ing to do this?"

"Uhh, let me think..." Matthew gasped, let­ting some air in­to his stretched chest, "It's my twel­veth year I think," to his very sur­prise he even man­aged to meet Ju­lian's eyes from this po­si­tion.

"That's... the most el­e­gant and del­i­cate thing I saw in my whole life, my friend. And be­lieve me, Matthew, when I tell you I saw a lot of beau­ti­ful things dur­ing my stud­ies in the Cap­i­tal! I saw hun­dreds of an­tique sculp­tures and pret­ty much all of the paint­ing col­lec­tions in all of the Cap­i­tal's art mu­se­ums but I've nev­er seen such a heav­en­ly shape! You, my friend, are such a di­a­mond... in the mud. Ha­ha!"

"Huh, thanks." Matthew didn't know that id­iom, nei­ther did his dad, so they weren't sure how to re­spond to the "mud" part. But Matthew was sure his no­ble friend didn't mean any­thing bad by that and it was one of his... fig­ures of speech that Matthew had yet to learn.

Any­ways, Ju­lian is al­ways way too kind to Matthew ^__^;; But he's prob­a­bly be­ing hon­est, too. Like he once joked, in the world there are three things that he could watch for­ev­er: fire burn­ing, wa­ter falling, and the boy bend­ing XD

Well, I just hope they will stay to­geth­er for many years, such a sweet cou­ple! ^-^

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