Every Bendy Beggar's Dream

This is a lit­tle ex­per­i­ment try­ing to com­bine a draw­ing with a back­ground based on the stock pho­to Vic­to­ri­an stair­case by de­vCR­Stock, I found this place may be IDE­AL to rep­re­sent Ju­lian's res­i­dence ^-^

Matthew (on the left) was born to a rather poor fam­i­ly of an innkeep­er and spent his child­hood help­ing his dad and mom to take care of the place. Fol­low­ing a friend's ad­vice, his dad taught him a few ac­ro­bat­ic moves to en­ter­tain their cus­tomers, just to make Matthew a lit­tle bit more use­ful.

Ju­lian (on the right) was born to a pret­ty rich fam­i­ly of the lo­cal count and spent his child­hood help­ing his dad and mom to take care of the very im­por­tant busi­ness of get­ting rid of per­ma­nent bore­dom, so that it doesn't bore every­body to death, ha­ha. In or­der to do so, he'd reg­u­lar­ly take mu­sic and dance lessons and oc­ca­sion­al horse-rid­ing.

Once, out of sheer bore­dom, Ju­lian some­how end­ed up in some cheap tav­ern where all of a sud­den he was giv­en quite a sight, as Matthew was right in the mid­dle of per­form­ing one of his bendy stunts up­on a beer keg.

and of course Ju­lian's eyes popped al­most out­ta the or­bits as his whole bore­dom was blown away, as if by a hur­ri­cane! So the next morn­ing Matthew re­ceived an of­fi­cial in­vi­ta­tion to the count's res­i­dence to dis­cuss a pos­si­ble job op­por­tu­ni­ty... ^_^;;

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