Erika!! Get off the interbutts

Seriously, this girl is spending too much time online trying to find inspirations for her contortion practice... and that's what happens when she's completely out of ideas XDDD

p.s. I remembered that girls like to dye their hair and then I thought a dark haired Erika would be cool X3

What do you think? 😄
people inside boxes are crazy beautiful Read more
Yes I want a couple of those boxes under my Christmas tree 🎁🎄 Read more
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I haven´t extensively thought about people in boxes yet. Her sweet face slightly pressed against the glass is something to consider.
Let´s also give credit to Saraka. Unfortunately, this isn´t finished, but I like the sketchy lines.
I often stop at these, but can´t think of a clever comment. Simply adorable.
This game could be made with abstract shapes. But your characters give it the necessary spice. It`s so satisfying to watch them grow from shy to proud while mastering their skills and every stage is delightful.
It´s hard to think of another artist, who gives their characters such beautiful and sympathetic faces. And Yasha has that haircut, that would make most of us look totally stupid, but makes him even cuter.
Two lovely characters. Both of their special body features are cute and so is the relationship. Everything in this picture is so soft and round and Sam´s smile is heartwarming.
Twins are easily cute anyways, but when they are entangled and caress each other :3 :3 :3
Can it become any cuter than this?

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Thank you so much for the cutie parade!! I always tried to stay away from the mainstream since day one, or even day zero, so I'm glad if my art developed differently from all the golden standards.

I think I got a comment before that cute characters work great with extreme content like contortion and I agree! Their performance is already beyond belief but when they make it look like a child's play it's like the next level of awesome.

Yeah I remember He-Man had a haircut somewhat similar to Yasha's and it's very hard to find a character who looked more stupid. But yes, there's something wrong with Yasha, he's always too cute! I need to make a character who can beat him at it already 😂 Read more
I know you because of this picture, I hope more boxes, thank you:) Read more
Thanks! Have you looked at the Enterology collection? Read more
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