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Born in a village, Erika moved to the big city for education in her late teens. There she got a good internet connection for the first time in her life!

The amount of infos she found gave her a lot of new ideas. For example "who needs guys when girls are so much prettier!" and also "how in the hell people can be so inhumanly flexible??"

She studied these two areas very thoroughly, leaving tons of comments and other traces of her excitement. Finally some users suggested that maybe she should go and take some yoga classes if she's so crazy about it!

Nude YogaErika was very surprised to find an actual yoga gym nearby, which gave her not only a new hobby but her first crush, the yoga teacher Mary. Spending countless hours in the gym and even more at Mary's home, they quickly trained Erika to do all the flexible poses she could dream of, after all the whole childhood spent in the village gave her a super healthy body.

Tropical BirdsLater the gym accepted a new regular trainee named Martin, an effeminate guy whom Erika also loved at first sight because she instantly took him for a pretty girl, but then it was too late and since he was loved he couldn't be unloved XD

The Hearts of FourMartin invited both Erika and Mary to live in the estate of his rich uncle Brian, who also happened to be his slightly older gay lover. All of them suddenly formed such a perfect foursome that they still live in Brian's estate ever since.

Erika is a big dreamer and has tons of vivid dreams about herself bending and fooling around all sorts of real and fantasy worlds. Sometimes she's a dairy maid in Suppleham, sometimes prince Martin's page girl, sometimes a magician's assistant, sometimes even a goddess of pain and pleasures XD

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