Fridays with Samwich (WIP)

"Hi guys, it's Samwich *waves* I'm a bit late again, I've been warming up my robot a bit just to make sure that today he can do all the challenges, ok?

Pretty sure I did a good job warming him up for today, also I decided I'm not gonna attach my limbs today and let Nine toss me around.

Now let's see what you guys requested for the first challenge... From ‘tee-seventeen-zero-zero-eight-two-one-zero-seven'. Man will these numbers ever end, what kind of username is that!?? Let's see...

Can your robot bend backwards while standing on tiptoes and, like, bend through his legs really far by leaning his hands on a rubber ball, except instead of the ball there would be you on the floor, folded in half like a sandwich and the robot squishing you down as tight as he can...

Wow! I just had a whole ant hill running up my spine just reading this, because you know what's awesome? I've been training a lot to get more squishy recently! I've been practicing a lot with heavy weights to see how flat I can squish myself! It feels so hot!! I wonder if that blah-blah-one-zero-seven has some sixth sense, requesting me to squish like that of all the possible things! Gotta love this six sense, haha!

And now that I spent those 3 minutes babbling, let's see if we can do it! I gotta say I'm pretty proud of how well I warmed up the robot today but I'll also see how tight I can fold for you guys in this one!

Okay... Let's snail this body up!! And don't hold back! Like we don't have one! Hell yeah! Sooo guys if you think I "snailed it", make sure to like and subscribe!!"

What do you think? 😄
La pose me encanta, no descartes repetirlas en las nuevas ilustraciones.
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En contorsión, es importante repetir! 🤣
In contortion, it is important to repeat! Read more
I like his smile as if all these were nothing. Read more
He could do it all day... 😏 Read more
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