Octafold 🎱


Thanks to everyone who played the game over the last 3 months! Here by request is a spoiler of all the sprites, specially for those who couldn't beat it but still wanted to see all the graphics 😄

The game is an awesome piece of work. Thank you so much! 😊
I have to ask, as a fan of body magic, does peak wasp grant the ability to translocate one's hips? I guess it depends if the waist is thread-thin or there's no waist at all 🤔
Made one with 1 gold coin) Haha, not too bad 😉
Oh my gosh. I got so close so many times. Thank you so much for posting these! I got to three gold coins on both but never could get to diamond. Both sets look amazing! Would love to see a big picture of the boy squished into a cube and the wasp waist so thin it's nonexistent. Just awesome! No prob! I think I got a diamond only once myself but I haven't tried googling for strategies for this game. Yeah, it would be great to see a full artwork of those two, as well as some others 😄
Oh, I could never get past the 2nd to the last level. Love the game tho! And the characters are super cute! Hehe, I guess it was worth posting all the sprites then. Diamonds are haaard 😂
I've played this game so much, I wish I could play it on my phone to keep the boredom away at work... XD I always go for the wasped version but I can't make it to the final stage, so thank you for showing us the sprites!! Crossing fingers that I get there eventually. - Ciyu Hmm, I played it on my phone (in a browser) many times and it worked fine. Glad you liked the Wasp Boy, I really like him too and he was the one I got to the diamond but only once. Anyway, very glad you enjoy this game Ciyu! And thanks a lot for supporting my works with comments! 😊
Great casual game! I often play it. My record is three diamonds . Thanks so much!! Three diamonds is more than I can even imagine 😝
What is this game can you send me a link to it Link 😉
💌 What do you think?

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