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Prompt has little impact on it, it's mostly LoRA + ControlNet (Scribble). Read more
There is still lot work to be done but image 1 and 4 looks quite promissing. And not just as shape goes but even rest of their bodies is quite nice.
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Thank you so much, I'm very glad they look good ^^ Read more
I'd kill for that model/lora!!! Read more
LoRA alone won't help very much, you also need to sketch a pose for it and put it under ControlNet/Scribble, and the results are so unstable that you get 6 good pictures out of 600 bad ones D: Read more
wen lora 😲 Read more
Well I trained a LoRA to get this pose but also had to use ControlNet in Scribble mode as there seems to be no other way to bend this tight XD; (even with a LoRA the bend will be still like a loose U) Read more
Think about AI what you will but these are very promising! They look so good and it's only going to get better... Looking forward to more in the future! Read more
Thank you so much! All these pictures are unedited, just raw results straight from prompt - I could definitely put more time into them but here the only point was to test all kinds of styles and make sure they look equally good :3 Read more
It is really interesting that even faces are very well aligned.
What is hardest about creating such LORA? Is it piecing together right dataset?
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I'm not really sure how to reply - I think I probably shouldn't have shared these pictures ^^; Read more
I'd kill for that model/lora, too!
Unfortunately, my equipment isn't big enough for training models... :,,,( Read more
Hope I'll manage to develop a workflow that works better in the future - I don't want to share the LoRA and then every comment will be about how nobody can get any good results 😅 Read more
SO Wickedly Sexy 💕 ! Read more
I'm so happy you liked him! I actually had more pics of him in the works like him twisting while sleeping in bed - will need to finish them :D Read more
Waiting for that towel to Drop ! Delicious image 💕 Read more
Thank you so much!! So glad to finally get more comments on it! :D Maybe I should make a nude version haha! Read more
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I wish to be such flexible! Oh my god, I would do so many interesting things; ) Read more
Thank you so much! I'm working on a new pic of him! :3 Read more
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Anatomically ideal and aesthetically outstanding! Read more
An interesting 'twist' on the theme. I wish him a speedy recovery. Read more
Cool concept - and beautifully executed! Read more
A phenomenal work - illustratively and literally. Read more
Oh what fun ideas I have forming in my head upon entering this paradise that's hidden from the rest of the world. The perfect paradise filled with these blonde, thong wearing, contortionists that they seductively greet me with those luscious smiles while bending their delicious bods for me, as they tell me they were expecting me and prepare the fun we are all going to have together.

So the first thing I think of is little contest in a series of rounds of the blonde femboys competing for me.

First round is taken place in the middle of the gardens in the morning as I lay back in a nearby folding chair laced with the comfiest pillows as I snack on the freshest and juiciest grown fruit for breakfast while watching them bend their flexible bodies in the most erotic poses they can think of for me (the image you have here is that example). Twerking and other kinky moves are allowed. The winner of this round is rewarded with a kiss on the lips and a grope on his bubble butt.

Second round is taken to the pool as I'm casually laying on a floatie and drinking the best tropical smoothie and some pizza for lunch at noon. The blondes will be competing by Olympic Diving as they give me the best diving performance and perfect score. Winner is rewarded with a five minute make out session as I don't hold back caressing every inch of his flexible body while I tongue kiss him and spank his ass like a pair of bongo drums.

Third and final round is taken to the oil pit after the sun has set and it's night time where the torches are now lit, as I'm eating at the table on the balcony eating a smoked steak served with wine. Here they will now must all drench themselves in slippery oil and must fight in the pits below my balcony and they must wrestle each other until the last one standing is the winner. Kissing, spanking, and groping is allowed. The winner gets to climb up the ladder where I'm waiting for him as I carry him to my new chambers as we make sweet passionate love through the while night while the losers get to watch but can't interfere.

Rinse and repeat as I keep bringing up more creative ideas through the competition each day. Read more
I have zero clue what this is about. I'm not familiar with whatever game or show this is from... That having been said, this is one of your best pics ever. The entire concept is incredible. I would watch or play whatever had this character in it. This like Grant Morrison meets Rob Schrab. This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while.
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