Yasha is my favorite character you created, Yuni. I remember there is a nude version of this picture. Could you post it on the website too? Pleeease... This is one of your best acrobat butt pics, on par with "The Dutch Painter and The Acrobat". Read more
Look at him pulling so tight his abs are bulging through his figure huigging bodysuit! Shame we don't his pov of his huge lusty bulge desperate to burst through that suit so he can greedily suck, slurp and hum all over his own throbbing great cock until he cums in his own mouth. Read more
Really marvellous, So beautiful. I love him Read more
Did you get full blown merboys (like with fluke) with that pose? Read more
I like the style of 3 and 6. It reminds me of Studio Ghibli films. Read more
what are those gloves? is he wearing latex under this outfit? Read more
Fret not. My nerd fu is pretty strong. I don't have an adequately capable box at the moment, and am thinking about an RTX 4070 ti super for the AI engine. I'm not sure about the supporting hardware yet. Not being a gamer at heart (I mainly have computers for dev/old school hackery), I'm a bit out to sea in the world of high-end PC hardware. I am hoping I can get this stuff running under some Linux variant as that's what I'm most familiar. (Slackware is my daily driver, and I've well over two decades with UNIX-oid systems.) Read more
Most of the AI stuff is written in Python and has bash scripts that start a local webserver that you can access from the browser, and from that point there's no difference between Linux and Windows in terms of the UI. Pretty much all of it is on Github with proper documentation, but Youtube is still a good source to discover what's possible to do and where to download the models for it. Read more
What sort of hardware are you running this on? All of my current boxes are way too weak to run modern AI. I've played with a few of the web sites with image->image, and I might want to put something together that can do this sort of thing on my own net. Also, what are you using as documentation for SD?

Thanks! Keep on keepin' on! Read more
This video is quite old, these days I mostly use Forge - it's based on Automatic1111's WebUI but more optimized and easier to install. If you have 8 GB of VRAM or less, there's a huge speed boost. And it has the most popular extensions already built in.

But I think it's a very bad idea to install any software before you know exactly what you're doing. It's best to watch at least 10-15 videos about it first until you get the whole picture of how it works. I think these channels are quite interesting:

I can't recomment specific videos because I watched hundreds of them and I'm always watching everything about the newest features. Also Olivio Sarikas has a large Discord server all about AI tools and I believe you can ask any kind of questions on it or even find the answers before even asking:
discord.gg/XKAk7GUzAW Read more
"Come on guys, a few more inches. I feel particularly soft today. Btw, one thing won't stay soft for long." Read more
Hell yeah... flexing with robo-buttler for superhuman morning warm-up exercise. No matter the stress and pain... you know this frame of yours can't break no matter what and the feeling afterwards for rest of the day...
Shifty Read more
Wonderful! Read more
A rework of the old picture, I see! I recognize the pose. Very cool! Read more
man. this is the ideal body for me
beautiful work Read more
whos hands are those? πŸ‘€ Read more
A remake of one of my favorite pictures? Yes, please! 🀩 Read more
How do you know I love watching this🧐 Read more
Your arts is a motivation for my contortion hobby Read more
Iam glad you shared and if you don't want to talk about details it is fine!
Shifty Read more
More pics of him would be welcum πŸ’• Read more
A NUDE version ! Not sure I could handle that πŸ’• Read more