top elegant pictures
This blonde locked beauty looks gorgeous in white tights, and lets the contortion appear truly royal.
This is a delicate portrait.
Yasha is a versatile character. At one moment he is casual and goofy, the next moment he is all cultivated. I love your heavenly white themed pictures. Far better, than any washing powder advertisement XD
When they furl so extremely, it could happen, that the body looses its recognizable human shape, and with it the appeal for me, but this one is very appealing. I love, how she is shaped like an upside down drop. The torso is a beautiful spiral contrasting the straight
legs and hair.
Ancient egyptian style is timeless, their designs and beauty ideals look so cool and sexy even by today´s standards. Andrzej wears nothing but egyptian jewelry and makeup on hin luxury body. It makes nudity look classy.
Divine beauty. Your Characters actually don´t need more than their own body, to look elegant and graceful. But fabrics and color create a mood. The dark blue background works great with the warm skin tones.
This list wouldn´t be complete with these two
The biggest strength of wasping is, that it makes for very noble outfits. This picture shows wealth like no other. Sergio is so well dressed and appears relaxed and carefree. What little we see of the surroundings, points to a mansion by the sea. You can feel the mild air. This is a picture, someone would post to show off his paradisaic life.
"Your Characters actually don´t need more than their own body"
I've never thought of it this way before, but it makes the whole sense now! Indeed contortion is the art that uses nothing but the body, so why would one need anything more than the body? It always bothered me to think that nudity is just a pervy thing in people's eyes, I've always felt there must be something more to it. After your comment I had that bingo moment, nudity and contortion indeed have so much in common, both take the human body to its full potential.
Thank you so much once again for the wonderful comments! I imagine if I ever got paid for my art, it would never feel as good as getting good comments... 😌
You are just best Yuni. First moment I have seen image so much things clicked in. As others said its interesting how some changes to version 1 can tune atmosphere. While v1 seems pretty good, with background and new story its more now.
Both their expressions are so fitting for vampires and yet you can see bat mom does care for Simon, because of mat and time she spends with him after all those centuries.
And he is so very cute despite being bendy blood sucking eroaddict. Pose is alright as is - butt on butt and long smoth legs hmm great.
Also when someone say to vampire "go suck your self" he can actually do that in other way, but Simon I guess can do both meanings at same time LOL. Although that mental image seems bit unsettling.
Still such bite marks at those places would make any regular vampirehunter sweat in terror upon seeing such new devilry hh. Family of cocksucking vampires on rampage! But news are people are actually roaming streets to experience that combo.
Column in background is very near style of Lichard personal chambers I had in mind few months back - must finish it one day not only talk. I only hope models were all flexible and enjoyed limited stay as too long would be uncomfortable for mortals.
ps: I like that plaque in left bottom it is a hit they are in modern times.
I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Yes haha! I think I answered my own question in this picture. If the mom was just raging, she wouldn't put a mat under the young bat. And she looks just protective of her son like a panther mother. Hope she's not overly protective and doesn't scare off his boyfriends but I think not as long as they compliment his crazy contortions.
Haha, I can see why Lichard would have those sculptures, I completely forgot he was the one who liked to immortalize his bendy boys that way or something. I guess I only have good memory for good stuff and I have a bad memory for baddies 😜