Noah is a really cute one. It's nice to see how he looks in these last three different styles. Always a pleasure to watch your art.

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Thank you so much!! I'm happy you liked Noah and my recent style experiments. I've been having fun trying out different things lately. More to come! :D Read more
Keep up the AI art. It's amazing Read more
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it 😄 Read more
It's actually insane to me that your generations catch up with the contortions accurately. It looks great! 😭 Is it okay to request a more masculinized attempt of this? (Broad shoulder, muscular) If it's okay for you, of course... 🙂 Read more
That's because I trained the AI using my art, cropping the twisted parts and leaving out their faces. This way, the AI learned to twist bodies in general. But it doesn't work very well with breasts since my art didn't have any examples of that. But twisting some buff guys with broad shoulders should definitely be possible! 😊 Read more
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So Many sexy poses ! One on the right is my personal favorite 💕 ! He looks good enough to Eat ! Read more
Such talented feet ! Sweet facial expression 💕 Read more
Beautifully posed , head to toes delicious 💕 Read more
They are Both deliciously Exquisite boys 💕 ! Read more
Such a beautiful fairytale. Your writing is as exquisite as your portraiture. I can just imagine a ballet duet with Andrzej and Yasha. "Sweet dreams are made of these." Read more