Hello fellow fold-lovers, thanks for folding in! Welcome to the wonderful world of 2201, where everything is possible to the willing heart nanobot-infused spine! 😝
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top elegant pictures
This blonde locked beauty looks gorgeous in white tights, and lets the contortion appear truly royal.
This is a delicate portrait.
Yasha is a versatile character. At one moment he is casual and goofy, the next moment he is all cultivated. I love your heavenly white themed pictures. Far better, than any washing powder advertisement XD
When they furl so extremely, it could happen, that the body looses its recognizable human shape, and with it the appeal for me, but this one is very appealing. I love, how she is shaped like an upside down drop. The torso is a beautiful spiral contrasting the straight
legs and hair.
Ancient egyptian style is timeless, their designs and beauty ideals look so cool and sexy even by today´s standards. Andrzej wears nothing but egyptian jewelry and makeup on hin luxury body. It makes nudity look classy.
Divine beauty. Your Characters actually don´t need more than their own body, to look elegant and graceful. But fabrics and color create a mood. The dark blue background works great with the warm skin tones.
This list wouldn´t be complete with these two
The biggest strength of wasping is, that it makes for very noble outfits. This picture shows wealth like no other. Sergio is so well dressed and appears relaxed and carefree. What little we see of the surroundings, points to a mansion by the sea. You can feel the mild air. This is a picture, someone would post to show off his paradisaic life.
"Your Characters actually don´t need more than their own body"
I've never thought of it this way before, but it makes the whole sense now! Indeed contortion is the art that uses nothing but the body, so why would one need anything more than the body? It always bothered me to think that nudity is just a pervy thing in people's eyes, I've always felt there must be something more to it. After your comment I had that bingo moment, nudity and contortion indeed have so much in common, both take the human body to its full potential.
Thank you so much once again for the wonderful comments! I imagine if I ever got paid for my art, it would never feel as good as getting good comments... 😌
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