Snake Boy

"I herd u like flexxxxible boysssss~"

What do you think? 😄
This is so awesome with his green eyes, green nail polish (fingers and toes). We should collaborate and rewrite Big Trouble in Little China, replacing Miao Yin ("the girl with green eyes") with this boy. Or replacing Gracie Law (the other girl with green eyes), or replacing them both and merging both characters into one love interest to move the plot along. Read more
I don't remember that movie, will have to rewatch it and then I'll call John Carpenter to see if we can arrange the replacements.
This boy here was almost a child of failure, the picture just failed and was discarded for months until I got back to it and turned it into this. But now after your comment I look at him and I actually like this boy. I think he should be the main boss of Kagemaru's ninja clan. There's something leader-like about his outfit that makes him look powerful and we can still enjoy the look of his bare feet thanks for sitting like that not being a problem for this snake. With such a boss it would be no wonder all his boys and girls have cartilages instead of bones 😛 Read more
Need a story of this😍 Read more
Once upon a couch there was a boy who liked snakes and boys and esssspecially snake boys. Of course the boy he saw in the mirror every day was his first obsession and the first one he trained to perfection... 😘 Read more
I'm thankful that Shifty is turning out to be such a perv with the comments he is leaving on the 'Earth's Treasure' artwork. Makes me feel like less of a pervert.

Anyhow, I do hope you enjoyed Big Trouble in Little China. It is one of my favorite films, alongside Starship Troopers, The Fifth Element (Le Cinquième Élément), Dark City, Wild Tigers I Have Known (primarily because boyfeet, what else), What About Bob?, Ghostbusters (only the first one, circa. 1984), and Disney's Mulan (again, only the first one, circa. 1998).

Speaking of the Fifth Element, I think Leeloo Sebat (or Leeloo Dallas, if you prefer her "married name") would make a great character for your bendyworks.

I do have some questions for you.

1) Are you abandoning traditional art (that is to say 2D, hand-drawn, digitally drawn by hand, etc.) entirely in favor of 3DCG? I may have missed the memo, but most of your output is 3DCG art. There are some exceptions, like the recent "Hard Times" (femboy fucking fun), but they are just exceptions. I do know that artists switch to 3D-CGI because it is easier and allows for greater output, I'm not making a value judgment about it, just asking what's going on (the difference between your traditional art and the CGI is stark).

2) Do you know, have you ever, would you ever, accept commissions?

Lastly, thanks for giving us Miao Yang here. I wholeheartedly accept the name you've bestowed on him and I like the play on Yin & Yang. I wonder if Miao Yang is the avatar of 'the Serpent of Calamity', that is to say - Orochi. I personally love think "evil" boys are "cream my pants" sexy. There's nothing more that I would love or find fulfilling than to cuddle with and make out with Miao Yang here. I would absolutely love to worship his feet, as well.

Signing my post for the first time.

Josh Read more
Yeah, I think Shifty is taking the lead! Be careful!

Big Trouble in Little China was okay, it was worth watching just to get some ideas, mainly the idea for Miao Yang. Though I must admit I was expecting Miao Yin in the movie to be more than just a dolly, from the airport scene I thought she was the leader of that Chinese mafia but then they just kidnapped her? Disappointed!!

Well, I definitely had something opposite in mind for Miao Yang here. I think he'd rather be like some bendy version of Lo Pen, with the worthy few of overpowered femboy ninjas by his side. Specifically Shibarimaru, Kagemaru and Kurayami.

Another idea, like Lo Pen he was "cursed" over 2,000 years ago, the curse was meant to turn him into a "lowly snake" who is unable to get powerful. Instead it turned him into... a lovely snake??

1. Like a snake, every few years he would "lose his skin", that is, his appearance changes, he gets a completely different face (even a different race), making it impossible for most people to recognize him. The idea was that it would be hard for him to gain in power if people can't recognize him. In reality, it made him ever youthful, every few years he would just turn back into a 18-ish teenboy, and he solved the different face problem by wearing a mask when dealing with outsiders, so they couldn't get used to his current face.

2. As a result he always looks like a teenboy, which in the ancient times was a real curse as nobody would make deals with some kid, that's also why he ended up creating his own clan after finding out that making love with other boys gives him pleasure but also gives them a bit of his power. The idea was that he "can never love because the ones he loves also get cursed". In reality, his sperm can grant others the same qualities he possesssss. Yes, this whole curse was so well-thought that it turned against the cursors...cursers? So he ended up getting a small ninja harem of the boys he liked and they followed him through the centuries like his shadows.

3. The final part of the curse was giving him a very flexible body. In theory was meant to make him too soft to practice martial arts but in real life it practically made him unbeatable as he became immune to injuries and physical damage. His bones and joints became very elastic and would spring back to their original shapes after any kind of deformation. It did change the way he liked to sit and sleep, he really grew to love resting his head upon his own thigh, but unlike the expectations the curse didn't take away his ability to walk and he didn't have to crawl like a snake but his walk sure became a lot softer and "cat-like". Much like Lo Pen, he was bodiless, or rather boneless, same as his shadowboys who also inherited this power.

Needless to say his "cursors" were amazingly soft in the head to have created such a mythic monster like Miao Yang. Only in the beginning he was rather shocked by these changes but after a century or two he was already a figure of legends!

Anyways, thanks for the movie suggestions! As for your questions, I'm not married to 3D but it's a lot more pleasant and interesting for me right now than all those scribbles that only give me pain in the drawing hand. "Hard Times" was drawn in 2018. My last 2D works in 2018-2019 were a pain in the ass, most of them were just color-filled lines with no shading because bleh... I thought I just exhausted my art but then in the summer 2019 I started learning 3D and felt like I'm alive again because I could do something new and combine it with my old skills. For a few months it was crap but my 3D improved little by little, I like to think. Of course there's always a chance I'd grow tired of 3D and pick up where I left off in 2D or just start doing some 2D stuff for fun every now and then 😏 Read more
Josh: In next Lichard story I have one scene inspired by your foot fetish :p and one more you might like... .
Big troubles is great movie as is most others you named, oldschool classic.

Well Iam and probably ever will be way behind Yuni, because I have just flashes, but Yuni has great ideas all the time + can turn them into reality. And I like that in fact as this way we all can be always surprised. Iam beyond happy, that sometime I can be of help surprising back :-) Read more
I just start making a whatever picture and think of the story later. I was once told to write a novel and I tried to write it but I had no idea what to write because that's not how I usually write my mini-stories 😅 Read more
To the guest above me talking about the "next Lichard story". I wish to say thank you for positively responding to my comment. I've commented here many times, often soliciting a response from other guests, but I've only ever received a response (other than from Yunia) once before. This was in regard to my comment on a smooth-crotch boy where I spoke of "PP-complainers".

I was hoping Yuni would have found Big Trouble in Little China to be laughable and cheesy (the supposed protagonist, Jack Burton, is so incompetent that he knocks himself out accidently before the final fight even begins), but humor is very, very subjective.

In response to the always-lovely Yuni, I don't think our proposals for Miao Yang are mutually exclusive or contradictory. I only brought up Orochi because it/he is a frequent antagonist in medieval Japanese literature and lore. Probably as close to Loki or the Devil. Your ideas are really cool, much better than mine. I like the idea of having Miao Yang wear a spooky mask when dealing with outsiders, who can never know his real identity. I like, of course, the idea of him being a sort of warlord with a harem of boys (rather than women), who are all also deadly assassins.

I am reminded of the beginning of The Shadow (ca. 1994 film adaptation of the radio drama and pulp fiction character of the same name), where Lamont Cranston (The Shadow, using the name Chinese name Yin-Ko) has sett himself up in Tibet as a warlord.

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I dunno, I just always wondered about Kagemaru and his ninja clan, since it's never really been defined and here I saw an opportunity to give it more background thanks to Miao Yang, of course at the cost of making him the main hero of this whole saga, but I don't think Kagemaru or others would suffer from being Miao Yang's inferiors as they were in some kind of service since the beginning, only the master was never revealed 😅 Read more
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