Slim Reaper

He knows how to make you die hard XD

Does he wear anything under his bodysuit? 😳 No, it's designed to be the only layer 🤔
I really like this bodysuit. He be sais quoi, but I really like how cozy the material looks. Glad you enjoyed! Was trying to make it look like skintight rubber with nothing underneath, my friend says rubber feels very satisfying on a bare body 😝
Shiny black "rubber skin" when done right is for some reason very sexy. And this is done very right, even emergency exit is pressent :-! Rubber suits take a long time to put on and off, so I thought ninjas wouldn't be able to survive without the emergency exit. I'm also very happy that you think the material looks good 😊
While bothe WIP-versions are good this new one really make the details stand out. The suit reminds me of a completely black spiderwoman(Gwen) suit.
I have to agree with above comment of the cozy-ness of the suit. Rubber is nice against the skin but oh my, it's a sweaty experience. Especially if it were a full cover like this one.
Anyway, a very well drawn image with very attractive model (and suit)
Very glad you enjoyed! For Kagemaru super tight bodysuits are his favorite, but then he's a fictional hero in a fictional world 😄
💌 What do you think?

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