Elven Assassin

Taking a shortcut through the sewers, you encounter an elven assassin. He doesn't notice you, allowing you several minutes of enjoying his buttcheek movements from behind. Not sure what's more shiny, his two oiled buttcheeks or his two perfectly polished katana blades, you whistle to yourself: "Dat assassin!" The elf quickly turns around and stares at you angrily.

The sight of a shiny golden coin flying his way makes the elf's tense buttcheeks soften a little bit. "Not that I mind a little warm-up before my actual mission," he murmurs through his silky mask after having caught the gold. "But gomen nasai, I have to keep myself clean for my next mission. Staring only!"

Classically trained for dancing with blades, the elven assassin dances and bends in his tight shibari suit. The cords bury into his impossibly pliant, yet well-toned, body in the most mind-blowing ways, while he's parrying all your hopeless attempts to grab and squeeze.

In an attempt to show off his skills with the two katanas, the assassin accidentally cuts his shibari suit in several places. The broken suit immediately loses all its integrity and all of it to the very last cord falls off on the ground. "That's nothing, I have a lot of extra cords on me," the assassin blushes, giving you a second to observe his completely bare body decorated with the reddish traces left by the tight cords.

In another moment the ninja elf vanishes into a hole in the wall, giving you the very last glimpse of the perfect ass. "Assassin..." you think to yourself. "Ass, Sass and Sin, all in one!"