mAgIc is here...

The best way to spend hours in an extreme stretch is of course getting every wool color in Minecraft, but Nate has recently discovered a whole new toy! Finger-painting crap on touchpad and turning it into masterpieces in under 10 minutes! 😀

Let's take a look at it, Mr. Gum-Bee!

"Just a toy snake"

"Danny maybe... Looks like him!"

"My mom. She loved it!"

"On day 3, God created the land... with a touchpad and his middle finger!"

"Alas poor Yorick!"

"Magic is here!"

What do you think? 😄
Fuck!! so tight. I love Nate, his new hobbie and the fact that he can stay in a ruppel backbend as if it is nothing Read more
I think it's the genes, his mom Erika started late but learned to do some extreme ruppel backbend with a 180 degree twist, unlike her Nate is training since birth so was able to unlock the full potential of his genes :D Read more
So cute! Read more
Thank you! 😊 Read more
I love every picture of your gorgeous femmy bendy bois in those teeny tiny little panties. They just barely cover up their naughty bits while letting everyone see as much of their bodies as possible. They are so sexy especially when made of soft shiny material fit for a prince. Read more
Small underwear helps to show the rest of the body because when you show the naughty bits they steal the whole focus 😅

Now I want to move to that kingdom where princes go around in nothing but little panties... XD Read more
This is so cute that it almost distracted from the new version of this pic. This is so different, and so well done.
-tbj Read more
Thank you so much 😊 Read more
Read more
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