💻 Lap Fold

My name is Nate Ribbons or how my parents call me 'Nathaniel'. Today I'm gonna answer some questions, let's see.

How do you do your signature pose? Bruh, that's inhuman!

Well, what do you know, I'm an elf! Just kidding, I'm human, those are just ear mods. Well, how do you make yourself stretchy? I guess you gotta just stretch A LOT and enjoy every moment of it!

I guess I was lucky to start early because my mom Erika is a contortionist.

When do you have the time to play so many video games? I thought you'd be training all day!

I am, I just play all my games in a backfold! See, mom is a huge trickster and I always had to bend over backwards just to get anything I wanted. When I was 6 she gave me my first laptop as a reward for folding my back completely in half for the first time.

I had to pin my backfold because my brother Danny would never let me get on his lap for very long: "Get your own backfold, elf!" But then I made him swallow those words because I sweated myself to get such a perfect backfold that I won a better lap than his!

Oh boy, I started spending so much time on that, mom had to come up with something. So she said I was only allowed to use my lap from a backfold and she constantly checked on me.

Over the years playing video games while having my body snailed up became my favorite part of the day. Usually after my contortion training I spend about 2-3 hours playing my video games while having my body stretched to the max but that actually looks extreme while it feels very relaxing for me.

Can you still feel your lower half while bent like that? Doesn't that cause damage to your spinal cord?

Yeah, I don't know why my doc and even my mom always asks if I feel numb in my toes but I feel perfect, I am actually super sensitive all over! And if you try to tickle my soles, I will kick you! I don't know why everyone in the house is trying to tickle me all the time just because I look cute!!

Do you also stretch your ears to make them so long?

Yes, when I'm at my lap, Danny comes behind me and pulls on my ears, all the way until my head touches the floor! I can totally feel the back of my head against my own lower belly, it's really trippy! No, they are actually normal ears with mods, they don't get longer from stretching.

Don't you feel like a piece of dough during the day? Doesn't your extreme flexibility make it more complicated to keep straight during something normal like walking or jogging?

No, it doesn't feel like that, but it does feel so loose and soft that I feel like I can do anything, but not like dough. But then, mom always makes me practice yoga for at least an hour a day and we hold some complex poses for muscle strength, so maybe she had already thought of that...

That's all, I hope this answers your questions guys! Just remember to take anything you enjoy doing for hours, turn it into a contortion training and you'll be ahead of yourself in no time...hehehe.

What do you think? 😄
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