Nathaniel Ribbons

Ever since his prenatal period, Nate's contortionist mom, Erika, dreamed to raise the most flexible person in the entire history!

But she knew she's a dreamer and didn't actually expect this to work out so well... until she realized she had created a "monster"! Nate got obsessed with stretching, not just his spine but literally everything in his body!

As a kid Nate was once hired to play the role of a young elven jester in a movie, since then he got so obsessed with elves that he permanently modded his ears to make them long and pointy.

This experience also made him interested in film making, though his several short films are all basically variations of the "enslaved elf falls in love with his captor" scenario.

Parents: Erika and Martin
Siblings: Daniel, Helen and Kyle
Occupation: contortionist, actor