Daily Bend

Apr 2017

The April 2017 issue of Daily Bend is dedicated to men and all things manly – courage, heavy metal and of course men's rhythmic gymnastics!

As the saying goes, it's time to grow a backbone and bend it like a real man!

Bodybuilder mom tells the story of her son's long-term enjoyment of men's rhythmic gymnastics and reveals some family secrets that helped make Simon Mărțișor one of the bendiest gymnasts in the sport's history! A few words from Simon himself + a dozen of his best pictures!

"I strongly believe in passion. I didn't want my son to be a copy of me and just become a bodybuilder because that's what I like! I mean when I was a teen, nobody wanted me to be a bodybuilder! You're such a pretty girl, you don't need muscles, and stuff like that. I still can't believe my parents made me do the piano when I was a kid, now if I see a piano I will smash it to pieces! Haha! I love drums though. Smaaash!!

Anyway, back to my son! You never tell this boy what to do or you'll have to deal with me! I tell you this boy never had them bones, haha! When I gave birth to him I didn't even have to struggle, he just squeezed out like he had no bones at all, so ever since his birth I kept thinking: what a damn flexible kid! The day he saw that rhythmic gymnastics stuff, you had to see his face! It's like he saw his own kind. Since then he does nothing but stretching. So passionate, just like me back in my early days. Never skips his legs day, too! I mean show me a second kid in the world who can do the 360 oversplit, huh?

And if he likes them glistening leotards, nothing girly about that, I say! I mean I looked it up, leotards were made to be worn by men in the 19th century! Today they're much higher cut but hey, you can't stop the progress! Hell, even if I enter his room one day and catch him camwhoring in a girl's lingerie and a egyptian wig, I'll only say: FAR OUT!"

Also in the issue:

Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest boys you will ever see in sports! Japan, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Poland, India, China and other countries begin their struggle for your votes! Vote for your favorite cutie and wait for the winner's exclusive interviews and pictures in the next issue!

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