Daily Bend

Mar 2015

The Magazine about All Things Bendy! Trevor goes to the gym to find a new stronger coach, while his tailor is proud of having made the stretchiest jeans in the world!

What do you think? 😄
Dear Yuni, I wish there really was a Daily Bend Magazine! (With your production values, of course!) It seems like the contortionists on the internet are just doing the same old thing, over and over. Always same age, always same poses. (snore) They don't necessarily need to be naughty, but at least look like they are enjoying being superhuman. Even if it were just photomanipulation. (BOO!) Real contortionists are best, but body magic is cool when done right, as you have shown! Read more
Well do what I do and don't look at them anymore if you don't like them 😉 Read more
Dear Yuni, Thank you for answering my comment. I agree to not look at the boring contortionists on the internet. But how will I know when they learn a new posture? You once innovated an impossible inverted lotus pose, soon after mastered by young Snake Boy Aditya Kumar Jangum. You are the impetus for advances in the folded body art performances that used to be the same old same old. "Muchly" Appreciated! Read more
Hmm, I don't remember inventing an inverted lotus... if you mean something like this then it was already done by the German contortionist Ivanka back in the '80s.

I think my art would be different without the inspiration from the grandmaster of flexible art, Fisfis. It's him who gave me the idea to stretch the limits of imagination and not just copy what real people can do. Only one problem, he had never painted or sculpted a single bendy boy, so I had to fix that 😏 Read more
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