Daily Bend

Jan 2024

Once upon a time, there was a handsome little boy named Leslie. He was born into a unique place called "The Flexible Yoga Commune." The people there practiced yoga all day and night, even during nap times! Leslie's mommy knew how special he was, so she started teaching him yoga poses when he was just a baby. Before long, young Leslie could bend his body like a rubber band, twist like a snake, and stretch like a cat.

When Leslie grew up, he was chosen as the most flexible teenager in his yoga commune. This meant that he could go to explore the world outside of his yoga commune to meet a special, equally flexible friend and bring them back to the commune where the two would marry and live happily ever after.

➰ ➰ ➰

However, as Leslie moved across the ocean to a big city called "Fashion Town", he loved it so much that getting back home took longer than expected. There, Leslie discovered a magical land filled with glittering clothes, colorful runways, and fancy cameras.

Before he knew it, Leslie was offered a job – but it wasn't just any job; it was a modeling career! Because Leslie was so flexible, beautiful, and androgynous, people couldn't help but stop and stare at him everywhere he went. Soon enough, he became one of the most famous models in the whole town!

But even though Leslie was having lots of fun as a fashion model, he never forgot the traditions of his beloved yoga commune. So every Saturday, he would take a break from the busy streets of Fashion Town and go back to his roots. With a deep breath, he would slowly curl himself up into an incredible backbend, just like he did ever since he was a little kid. And he would hold this backbend, relaxed and peaceful, until the sun went down and it was time for bed.

➰ ➰ ➰

One sunny Saturday afternoon, Leslie's phone rang. It was his agent calling with big news! A very important model couldn't walk in the big fashion show happening later that day. They needed someone fast and Leslie was the perfect choice. But there was one problem – Leslie's religion did not allow him to undo his backbend until midnight.

His agent wasn't sure what to do. After thinking for a bit and making many phone calls, his agent called him again, this time sounding very excited. The people who put on the fashion show said they could make an exception if Leslie promised to show off the fancy new high heels in a really elegant way.

To that Leslie agreed happily! He was used to staying in his backbend all the time on Saturdays as his religion required. Even when he was walking around his house, he kept his legs straight and his chin up and proud in a nice Ruppel backbend. So, showing off the new shoes while still holding his slender legs in his armpits would not be a problem at all!

➰ ➰ ➰

As the hour of the fashion show arrived, everyone gathered around to watch the exciting performance. The lights dimmed, and the music started playing. Backstage, all the models were nervously pacing back and forth, but not Leslie. He was completely calm and focused, bending his back tighter than ever before as he practiced his walk one last time.

With a final glance in the mirror, Leslie took a deep breath and stepped onto the brightly lit catwalk. All the eyes in the large hall turned to him, staring in shock and wonder at the incredible sight before them. There stood a beautiful young man, bending over backward so much that the back of his long blond hair touched the silky black cloth of his small thong – the only tiny piece of cloth that covered his body.

As Leslie confidently strutted down the runway, he swayed his hips from side to side, showing off the beautiful high heels that went along with his stunning minimalist attire. With each step, the audience watched in pure astonishment, completely entranced by the incredible fluidity and flexibility of this unique femme boy and his nice round "cherry on top" wrapped up in a tight strip of black satin.

At the end of the catwalk, Leslie raised his chin up, giving the audience a glimpse of his boyish button nose and a sexy smile he learned from the hottest fashion models. He turned around and confidently strode back towards the start, making sure to give a friendly wave to the audience who were clapping and cheering loudly.

The organizers looked at each other nervously, hoping that the lovely high heels wouldn't be overshadowed by Leslie's daring stunt. But when the next day rolled around, they discovered that almost everybody had placed an order for the fabulous shoes – the fashion show was a huge hit!

➰ ➰ ➰

Leslie didn't think the fun would stop there, and indeed, not long after, reporters from the Daily Bend magazine approached Leslie for an exclusive interview. He happily agreed and soon found himself sharing his story with Ms. Rowen, the editor-in-chief.

Ms. Rowen was incredibly impressed by Leslie's talent, and she knew that her readers would love to hear more about it too. So, she made the decision to dedicate an entire issue to femboys who are experts in the art of bending and twisting their bodies in fascinating ways.

And just like that, the world discovered the beauty and magic of yoga, as well as the incredible power of embracing one's own unique identity. Thanks to Leslie, many more boys began exploring the world of contortion and androgyny, learning how to bend and twist their bodies into stunning shapes – all while wearing beautiful long hair, fabulous high heels and sexy thongs.

What do you think? 😄
I would subscribe!! Also do those Bendy Bots come with a discount if you get an armless one like the Miguel-1? Read more
Haha, thank you! You can't actually subscribe to it because it doesn't exist in real life, but maybe one day there will be a similar magazine for us to enjoy together~ As for the Bendy Bots, that's a great idea! They definitely need to make special offers on them depending on the type and features they have :D Read more
How do I subscribe to this magazine? What a delicious Cover Boi 💕 Read more
You can't subscribe to Daily Bend, because it doesn't actually exist...but I can tell you that if it did, it would be filled with the most flexible, cutest contorting boys, amazing tips for stretching, and tons of fun content for fans to enjoy! 🌈✨ Stay bendy and fabulous~💖 Read more
A beautiful cover! His skin is so nice to look at! Read more
Thank you, I tried my best! Very glad you like it~ Read more
Oooh, a new issue! 📖 Read more
Yeah, I made this pic of Leslie that looked like one of those Daily Bend covers, so I thought, why not make another one? 🧘‍♂️🤗✨ Read more
I vividly remember first issue as around that time I started following you daily not just from time to time :) and each new issue was welcomed feast for eyes.

Love that little hints to older works like bendybot from Nates party. And fact that story blends with magazine cover so well. Must say would be cool to sometime have life like one of your characters X-) but that is why I like your stories all that time. They are reminding sometime fairytails can happen if you stick around long enough with open mind :-)

The guy which loves legs and visits page from time to time will have day of his life when he sees Leslies perfect feet.
Shifty Read more
Oh, thanks for remembering! I do recall that period of time being pretty exciting because I had so many plans and ideas going on in my head. The Daily Bend project has always been near and dear to my heart since it's one of the earliest series I did, and I enjoyed drawing it because it felt unique and original at the time.

It's always interesting to see how these things evolve over time. And yes, there were definitely some nods to earlier artwork, I find it satisfying to revisit old characters and settings and see how they've evolved over time. It's like a fun little game of connect-the-dots ;D

And it's fun to inject a bit of nostalgia into each new piece. It's a way of paying homage to the past while also moving forward, kind of like how a band might incorporate elements of their early sound into their newer music. I think it helps to create a sense of continuity and consistency, which is important to keep things intriguing instead of just random.

In any case, I'm glad you enjoy my stories and art, and I hope you continue to follow them as they grow and change. Thanks again for your kind words! :D Read more
Leslie has so beautiful feet stretching in high heels, hair and face... And the story is incredible. Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! It never crossed my head that the feet would be stretching while wearing high heels, but it all makes so much sense now, haha! I'm very glad you enjoyed the story, I like to think of it as a blend between humor and eroticism, like the best of the two best worlds ;D Read more
I constantly admire your work! You are the very deity! Read more
I'm not a deity but I have a very unique natal chart that's heavily centered around creativity, a blend of traditionally feminine and masculine energies, and just an overall weird vibe ;D It's like I was designed specifically for creating things like this, lol.

And honestly, I'm so grateful that you enjoy my work because sometimes I feel like I don't belong on this planet filled with so many bored fucks. It's always a breath of fresh air when I come across people who share some unusual interests and passions. So thank you for being one of those rare gems! :D Read more
If anyone wants to chat one on one about yunis work - let me know. I am dying to talk about it - I wish this site had a group chat feature. Read more
Oh man, I once tried creating a Discord server but realized how much of a pain it could be. Some people just love to dominate conversations and make others feel too shy to speak their minds. There's also a big risk of attracting mischievous individuals who would take advantage of any opportunity to cause trouble. Not to mention the lack of anonymity - you always need to reveal your identity whenever you want to say anything. So personally I prefer the current setup but that's just me. Read more
Amazing feet, legs, body, hands, fingers, hair, heeeeels!!! Read more
The perfect fashion model. Read more
Indeed, Leslie is not only just a pretty face but he is also very talented when it comes to bending his body in ways that go far beyond a regular fashion model's curves!

Makes me wonder if someday we might see entire clothing lines designed specifically for those with exceptional flexibility. Imagine seeing the models strut down the runway and striking all kinds of incredible poses to show off the stretchy fabrics! Read more
I would've like to subscribe to this and would like to buy all the magazines Read more
I'm afraid this magazine isn't real, I'm just trying to imagine more aspects of life in my fictional world - one where contortion is as mainstream as fitness regimes are in our world today. This is a place where delicate, supple young men dominate the beauty industry. So I tried to imagine a cover for a magazine that might be popular within such a world. Although I don't have the resources to make a whole magazine, I'm very glad that you found the idea interesting! Read more
Wishing that we could make this magazine into reality reminds me of this quote attributed to Hostius;

“If I could, I would make these images real; as I cannot, I must be satisfied with phantoms. Let me see these objects of obscenity larger than they are in reality, and surprise myself by the sight of them!” -[M] Read more
I wish to be such flexible! Oh my god, I would do so many interesting things; ) Read more
Thank you so much! I'm working on a new pic of him! :3 Read more
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