Amtril O'Neil

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Amtril is the per­son­al jester of princess Ar­isha, but his lifestyle was very far from roy­al just a few years ago, when he was a mere gyp­sy.

As a young child, Amtril was kid­napped by the out­laws and sold to the gyp­sy camp in Bel­ti­more in ex­change for sup­plies need­ed for the sur­vival of the gang. Of course, no­body asked the kid's opin­ion, and nei­ther did they ask his opin­ion when they start­ed ex­ploit­ing his elfish flex­i­bil­i­ty in every way they could think of, on­ly get­ting more and more amazed by what can be done with the nat­u­ral­ly pli­ant el­ven bod­ies!

Since he was kid­napped at a very ear­ly age, he al­ways thought that the gyp­sies were his re­al fam­i­ly and lived as a mere no­madic off­spring. On­ly in his late teens he was fi­nal­ly lib­er­at­ed by the el­ven princess dur­ing one of the gyp­sy tours, though she mere­ly set him free be­cause she was look­ing for a pret­ty and bendy jester and he com­plete­ly fit that de­scrip­tion. In any case, he was tak­en un­der her cozy wing and re­turned to his home­land Teathill af­ter so many years of wan­der­ings.

He im­me­di­ate­ly fell in love with the princess and be­came her lit­tle bitch, try­ing to amuse her with the best skills he had. Some peo­ple are just des­tined to be slaves...

His no­madic man­ners al­ways amused the princess, but made it dif­fi­cult to com­mu­ni­cate with oth­er elves, still he made some friends, above all Falaerin who is a very del­i­cate elf but with a ma­jor fetish for bar­bar­ians, so see­ing a fel­low elf hav­ing such harsh and sav­age man­ners, Falaerin jumped out of his skin to be­come Amtril's boyfriend, and thanks to his great charm even­tu­al­ly suc­ceed­ed to "steal" the jester from the princess, at least in Amtril's spare time...

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