Gypsy Elf

Amtril the syl­van elf :3

When he was a kid he was kid­napped by the gyp­sies who taught him a lot of their spe­cial ac­ro­bat­ic se­crets to show him off at mar­ket­places as a bendy won­der­boy. Ar­isha, the princess of Teathill (al­so an elf, same age as Am) once saw one of Am's per­for­mances, she got cu­ri­ous so she want­ed to ask him a few things, and so she or­dered to bring him to her palace, and thus Amtril quick­ly lev­elled up to a roy­al jester and even some­thing big­ger than that ^__^;

So it's Amtril and Ar­isha in the roy­al gar­den. Am show­ing off his mind-bog­gling jestery tricks as usu­al, Ar­isha isn't right in the pic­ture, but she's watch­ing Amtril, so you kin­da can see the show through her eyes or some­thing :3

The stat­ue is the spir­it of the gar­den, Am is not sup­posed to stand on the top of it but usu­al­ly in the morn­ing they're alone in the gar­den, so who cares ^-^

It's ex­treme­ly rare for elves to learn con­tor­tion, since most of them are rangers... whu? no, Chuck Nor­ris is not an elf. And in case of Amtril, he -might- as well be­come a ranger but he had no choice but to study ac­ro­bat­ics, since the gyp­sy cir­cus didn't re­al­ly need a ranger or any­thing else elves are known for, but the fact that elves grow up 3-4 times slow­er than hu­mans al­lowed him to calm­ly de­vel­op his skills for over 30 years un­til he met Ar­isha.

Well, hope you'll en­joy the show ^__^;; <3

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