Supple Beggar

Amtril in his years of need when he had to trade his won­der­ful art for just a few coins in ran­dom tav­erns to make a liv­ing.

Peo­ple in the tav­erns of course did not know the re­al price of his skills, still the ways in which he could bend his body be­came a quite pop­u­lar sight but he quite soon fig­ured that peo­ple kind of greedy and some­times wouldn't give him any­thing even if they were watch­ing with their eyes wide open. Some­times they shared drinks with him and he liked mead but al­so wish he could get some coins too...

So even­tu­al­ly he came up with the idea for a lit­tle game: if you pay him a few coins, you could stretch him as you like. At first most peo­ple were kind of shy but even­tu­al­ly al­most every­one end­ed up giv­ing him a good stretch at least once. So not on­ly he got peo­ple more in­ter­est­ed and in­volved, but al­so had some awe­some stretch­ing prac­tice every evening :3

But he didn't ex­pect that so many peo­ple would get ad­dict­ed to it and would pay him again and again every evening. At the same time his con­tor­tion shows al­so start­ed get­ting more well-paid, prob­a­bly be­cause while bend­ing him peo­ple learned more about con­tor­tion and learned to ap­pre­ci­ate it.

Of course he was wide­ly known as a weirdo for his con­tor­tions, but it's on­ly be­cause most good peo­ple wouldn't want to ad­mit they ac­tu­al­ly en­joyed to look at odd­i­ties like this ^^

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