Never Look Back

Af­ter drool­ing over wish­es elf by cerulean­vii I thought I must make an elf por­trait too, al­so a good chance to use one of the hun­dreds of sky pho­tos I made while I was on va­ca­tion. The pho­to you can see in the bg, for in­stance, was made near a chem­i­cal plant which kept pro­duc­ing strange croc­o­dile-like clouds that slow­ly mor­phed in­to su­per fat, hun­gry look­ing fox­es. They looked like a group of mon­sters gath­er­ing to de­vour the Sun, which they even­tu­al­ly did as the evening fell.

In my fic­tion­al uni­verse Amtril lived about 5000 years in the past and chem­i­cal clouds were prob­a­bly be­lieved to be some form of gods or spir­its... Any­way, a bit about him - Amtril is a syl­van elf who was kid­napped by gyp­sies and trained for street per­for­mances and be­came very good which can be seen in his oth­er pic­tures in my gallery. Not un­like 99% of my oth­er char­ac­ters, his main pur­pose is to per­form odd but el­e­gant look­ing pos­tures and hear gasps and cheers in re­turn, but every hard work­er de­serves a day off and it's nice any­way, to imag­ine him just walk­ing around...^^

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