Never Look Back

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. After drooling over wishes elf by ceruleanvii I thought I must make an elf portrait too, also a good chance to use one of the hundreds of sky photos I made while I was on vacation. The photo you can see in the bg, for instance, was made near a chemical plant which kept producing strange crocodile-like clouds that slowly morphed into super fat, hungry looking foxes. They looked like a group of monsters gathering to devour the Sun, which they eventually did as the evening fell.

In my fictional universe Amtril lived about 5000 years in the past and chemical clouds were probably believed to be some form of gods or spirits... Anyway, a bit about him - Amtril is a sylvan elf who was kidnapped by gypsies and trained for street performances and became very good which can be seen in his other pictures in my gallery. Not unlike 99% of my other characters, his main purpose is to perform odd but elegant looking postures and hear gasps and cheers in return, but every hard worker deserves a day off and it's nice anyway, to imagine him just walking around...^^

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