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Konnichiwa!! *takes a deep bow, head goes between legs and comes out from the other side, waving hands around playfully* Please, check out this cool illustration of Ashley, one of TK's characters based on this picture of his 7 characters we made a while ago! :3

Ashley, our manga artist friend, has some yuni-que interests! >:3 Firstly, he's got a thing for soft feet and legs. Imagine seeing an octopus or those crazy long, flexible tentacles – that's how he feels when he looks at them! His love for these elastic wonders extends to his own workouts too, as you can often catch him practicing some jaw-dropping deep oversplits. Oh, and let's not forget his other big passion – delicious, slurpy noodles! To top it all off, Ashley even created a personal corner in his apartment, specifically designed to help him strike the perfect U-shaped oversplit while simultaneously sketching away at his latest manga project, "How to Tame an Octopus." So you get the picture! It's... it's right there actually XD

So yeah, he also made this picture of himself that seems like his legs are floating or something, but in real life, he probably just took a reference photo in that special corner. Now, since the background is totally lacking here, let me add some background info in a more literal way... ;D

🧲 🧲 🧲

In a quaint little town nestled between verdant hills, where the air was always fresh and the sun seemed to kiss everything it touched, resided a young man named Ashley.

With eyes as clear and bright as sapphires, and a grin so captivating that it could make even the most stoic of souls melt like ice cream on a hot summer day, Ashley turned heads wherever he went. His curls were as vibrant as the sun itself, cascading around his face in waves of gold that would dance gracefully whenever a soft breeze swept through the town square.

Ashley was very passionate about everything that surrounded him, but there was one that truly stood out – the desire to make it big as a manga artist, specializing in hen tie, particularly tentacle hen tie.

His fascination with elongated appendages didn't arise from any lascivious inclinations; instead, it originated from a profound yearning to experience the sensation of possessing supple, pliant limbs, reminiscent of an octopus.

This fascination extended even to his preferred meal – noodles – which would often stir up fantasies within him about being endowed with such fluid and adaptable extremities. Whenever he needed inspiration or simply wanted to treat himself after a hard day's work, he would head down to his favorite ramen shop. There, amidst the steamy bowls of ramen and the clatter of chopsticks, he found solace and satisfaction like no other place.

🧲 🧲 🧲

With dreams of creating exquisite manga featuring fantastical creatures and their enchanting tentacles, Ashley began exploring various physical activities to help him better understand the sensation associated with suppleness and flexibility. This led him down the path of gymnastics and yoga, where he discovered immense satisfaction and personal growth from testing the boundaries of his own body's capabilities, pushing its limits, and learning to control every muscle fiber.

As he progressed through each level of difficulty, Ashley discovered that he possessed an extraordinary gift for stretching. His dedication to his craft led him to develop a unique ability to stretch his legs in ways most people could only dream of. In fact, he learned to stretch so far that his legs seemed to form the letter U while hanging in a deep oversplit.

He was so passionate about this particular stretch that he'd dedicated an entire corner of his apartment to it. This cozy nook featured a comfortable mat, along with various props designed to aid in achieving the perfect U-shaped oversplit. It became a sanctuary where Ashley could immerse himself not only in stretching but also in creating his latest masterpiece: a manga titled "How to Tame an Octopus."

The incredible flexibility he gained over time helped him to make several friends with very similar interests. Together, they pushed themselves to new heights and depths, seeking out ever more challenging poses and learning to appreciate the softness of their own bodies.

🧲 🧲 🧲

All these experiences guided Ashley towards his dream job as a manga artist, introducing the residents of the town to a newfound passion for tentacle hen tie. They marveled at the intricate artwork and the imaginative storylines that Ashley crafted, which showcased not only his artistic skills but also his deep understanding of human anatomy.

However, what made him extra famous were his manga-style illustrations, featuring himself and his flexible friends in stunning contortionist poses. These captivating images became the talk of the town and were pinned above the beds of many residents – each new illustration selling like hotcakes.

🧲 🧲 🧲

One day, while engrossed in sketching one of his limber OCs from "How to Tame an Octopus," Ashley felt a sudden urge to take a break from his work. He decided to step outside and explore the city streets, hoping to find some new source of inspiration for his art.

Little did he know that fate had something even more extraordinary in store for him. As he wandered through the bustling markets, he spotted a young woman with the most captivating pair of legs he had ever seen. They were long, graceful, and seemed to possess an almost liquid elasticity as she moved.

Ashley couldn't help but follow her, completely entranced by the sight before him. Intrigued by her mysterious aura, he decided to enter a nearby café just moments after she did. However, instead of seating herself at a table like most patrons, the girl simply vanished behind a door marked "Staff Only."

🧲 🧲 🧲

Ashley found himself in a cozy little café, feeling dazed as if waking from a dream. He couldn't recall how he got there, but decided to stay and check if they served ramen. Just as he took a seat, the staff door swung open and out walked a stunning feminine figure. The individual was dressed in a elegant black-and-white apron with a "Neko" emblem, indicating their connection to Japanese culture, something Ashley shared a passion for.

Ashley couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of a fellow teenager who appeared to share his love for all things manga. The youthful server turned to him and bowed lightly to welcome him to the establishment. In that moment, Ashley felt as though he had been transported straight to the heart of Japan.

Clad in an outfit reminiscent of a traditional café maid, the teen possessed captivating light blue eyes the shade of the sky, short silvery hair, delicate silver earrings, and... astonishingly smooth legs that mirrored those of the bewitching young woman Ashley had encountered earlier!

🧲 🧲 🧲

Ashley realized there can't possibly be two people with identical legs; he could instantly recognize someone by merely glancing at their legs or feet. Meanwhile, the maidboy approached him on tiptoe, his bare feet making cat-like movements that looked oddly natural for him. His pursed lips and flushed cheeks indicated that perhaps he hadn't yet acclimated to a new workplace and its "special feline charm" he was supposed to exude.

With a hint of uncertainty in his voice, the Neko boy asked, "May I assist you in any way, sir?" He tried his best maintaining a formal demeanor despite standing on his tiptoes.

"Goodness, do you always move around like that?" Ashley couldn't help but stare at the Neko boy's "rear paws".

The Neko boy responded shyly, trying to hide one foot behind the other while still standing on tiptoes as if the floor was too scalding for his sensitive heels. "Surprisingly enough, it's not as challenging as it appears."

With curiosity piqued, Ashley exclaimed, "Whoa! I can only imagine what other tricks you might be able to pull off!"

"Well, let me demonstrate..." The Neko boy then raised one leg high up into the air with incredible ease, showcasing his impressive balance and poise, reminiscent of a skilled ballerina. "And I can even..." he continued before he put the foot behind his head and shoulders, pushing it almost to the middle of his back. Realizing what he was doing, he quickly snapped back to reality and stood back on his tiptoes. "W- wait a second! This isn't on the menu! Let me know if you want any food or drinks instead."

Ashley's throat felt as if it were on fire from sudden dehydration. He croaked, "A drink, please?" in a voice that sounded like a desperate ghost in the middle of a desert.

"Ah, alrighty!" The Neko boy responded enthusiastically, quickly darting toward the bar area.

Ashley, unable to suppress his thirst any longer, briefly forgot about it as he watched the feline boy's captivating backside wiggling side to side with each bouncy stride. The flirtatious leotard underneath the maidboy's apron revealed his long, slender legs all the way up to just below the waistline, teasing Ashley's eyes with every step.

🧲 🧲 🧲

Only just now, Ashley noticed that this cozy little café had quite a lot of anime-inspired elements hidden throughout its interior design – with colorful illustrations of cute catboys adorning the walls here and there.

This place, which seemed ordinary a second ago, suddenly transformed into an enchanting world full of wonders beyond imagination. And at its very heart was a mysterious maidboy whose every move could leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to witness it.

As he sat there, mesmerized by the hypnotic rhythm of the Neko boy's movements, Ashley couldn't help but wonder – how did this place get so lucky?

🧲 🧲 🧲

After a while, the Neko boy finally returned with a tray balanced precariously on one hand. Ashley watched him with bated breath as he gracefully walked on tiptoes, effortlessly maintaining balance.

"Here you go," the Neko boy said, placing the tray down on their table. His voice was soft and melodic, like a gentle breeze rustling through leaves.

Ashley blinked slowly, taking in the sight before him. On the tray were two cups of steaming hot tea, each held within delicate porcelain saucers. The steam curled upwards in elegant tendrils, carrying with it a heady aroma that filled the air around them. It reminded Ashley of autumn mornings spent huddling over a warm cup of tea, watching the world outside turn from vibrant colors to shades of gray.

"This is our house blend," the Neko boy explained, grabbing one of the cups and taking a seat on the other comfy chair across from Ashley. In a surprising move, he swifty raised both of his bare legs before tucking them behind his head, ending up tugged into a snugly knot. As if it were the most commonplace action imaginable, he continued without missing a beat, "It's made from a special mix of black tea leaves infused with notes of cinnamon and cloves."

🧲 🧲 🧲

Trying his best to not scare off the Neko boy again, Ashley took the proffered cup carefully, cradling it between both hands as if it were something precious. He raised it to his lips and blew gently on the surface of the liquid inside, feeling the warmth seep into his skin even through the ceramic.

When he finally took a sip, the taste was rich and complex – bold yet nuanced, with hints of spice that lingered long after the tea had been swallowed. It was unlike anything Ashley had ever experienced before, and for a moment, he felt as though he were floating on cloud nine.

"Wow," he breathed, staring with wide eyes at the Neko boy who managed to tie himself up in an impressive knot where each of his bare feet nestled within the opposite armpit. "That's... incredible!"

🧲 🧲 🧲

The Neko suddenly snapped out of his daze, realizing that he was in a very awkward position with his limbs tangled up like a knot. "Oh no!" he exclaimed, "I didn't mean to drink with the client! I'm not supposed to do that!" As he struggled to untangle his limbs, he muttered apologies under his breath, feeling embarrassed by his actions.

Ashley couldn't help but laugh warmly at the scene, commenting, "No worries, just add this tasty and well-baked pretzel to my bill. It was really good!"

"I'm so sorry I messed up again!! I got this job last Thursday and I'm already failing my probation! My manager has issued me a warning – he says if I don't shape up, there will be consequences..." The Neko boy finally managed to get back into his normal shape, drawing in deep breaths while he bowed multiple times, which put a hard blush on the face of the manager who had just appeared behind him.

"Kai! It seems like there might be a minor issue going on right now?" The tall manager adjusted his square glasses, leaning slightly toward the anxious maidboy. "You know I'm keeping a sharp eye out for anything unusual!"

"Sir, if I may," Ashley attempted to salvage the situation. "My apologies... I heard about this brand-new type of cafe offering such services for an extra fee... It's- It's called a... 'Flex-Cafe.' They're all the rage right now! So when I saw the staff wearing a leotard, I mistakenly believed that I could place an order for captivating contortions to accompany my tea."

"Flex... cafe? Ah, indeed, it's quite... the talk nowadays, isn't it?" The manager adjusted his glasses again. "Yes, you're certainly not mistaken! We do offer such services for an extra fee... We might need to revamp our menu to keep up with the recent changes..." The manager took a bow and suddenly inquired. "Please don't hesitate to share any other suggestions or preferences you may have regarding these fascinating, uh- contortions?"

"Well, my personal favorites are the poses involving leg flexibility, like, when you enjoy a cup of tea, it's only natural to pair it with an intricate pretzel. If you're indulging in some delicious noodles, how about the intriguing needlescale move? The elegant oversplit would be perfect for complementing your sushi experience, while the sophisticated DiMario knot goes great with the dessert." Ashley chuckled softly, adding, "Just a little suggestion from a humble customer. I hope it helps!"

"Thank you, sir, for your valuable input," said the manager with a polite bow. He turned to the Neko boy and quietly instructed him to carry out Ashley's request immediately. The Neko boy nodded hurriedly, scampering off to prepare the requested orders.

"Sir, I hope you understand that this new trend is still experimental at our... Flex-cafe, so there might be minor issues here and there. But rest assured, we will continue to strive for perfection and make sure all of our customers are satisfied with their dining experiences," said the manager sincerely.

Ashley nodded warmly, taking another sip of his tea. "I appreciate that very much. Now then, let me try that DiMario knot while enjoying my dessert!"

🧲 🧲 🧲

The manager, with a deep bow, turned away to tend to other tasks while the Neko boy, named Kai, casually prepared an assortment of vibrant macarons on a plate, carefully balancing them on one hand as he began skilfully tugging himself into an elegant DiMario knot without even using his hands.

As Ashley bit into a sweet macaron, he couldn't help but notice the broad grin on Kai's face. "I can't believe it," Kai exclaimed. "In just a few short minutes, you managed to make this place seem like a dream come true for me! You just broke all the rules and that manager completely bought it! I must admit, when I don't stretch for too long, my legs get pretty stiff, so I owe you one, big time." Kai chuckled softly, then added, "And since we're on the topic of gratitude, feel free to hit me up with any wild contortionist ideas you come across. I'll be more than happy to give 'em a whirl for you!"

Ashley flashed a mischievous grin. "How about a full 360-degree oversplit?"

"Wha- What?! I can barely achieve nearly 270 degrees on my better days..." Kai flushed as he wasn't prepared for such a challenging feat.

"Wanna come over to my place after work today? I can show you how it's done firsthand." Ashley chuckled playfully.

"Oh wow, that sounds amazing! Can hardly wait! By the way, those Flex-Cafes you mentioned earlier – are they seriously becoming a new craze?"

"To be honest, I made it up on the spot, but seems it's already viral! You'd better watch out! There might be plenty of competition coming your way soon!"

What do you think? 😄
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