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Tell Me Where It Hurts~

Akio Shirokishi: "As a nurse, I try my best to inspire my patients and make them struggle hard to live for another day!"

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest femboys in sports from all over the world! He lifts his skirt to lift your curse! Today with us we have Akio Shirokishi, a femboy nurse and contortionist from Japan!

Pink Cross is a Japanese all-trap health caring organisation. It's a special clinic for LGBT patients with terminal diseases. The clinic's personnel is assured that the medical success is 50% meds and 50% good mood.

"We always try to give our patients hope, so the personnel's looks and skills are very important. It's not just your classic sex with the nurse, we try to spice it up with a good inspiring performance too! For instance, I take contortion lessons and train at home every evening, so I can give my patients something more than just watching the circus on TV."

Akio's performance would sure get anyone's blood pumping and he often does his shifts in "Reanime", the Pink Cross reanimation department. But his sexy show isn't limited just to the patients. When he gets back home he turns himself into a popular Internet camboy and usually broadcasts his evening stretches to all his many subscribers.

"Sometimes I also dress up as a nurse but usually I cosplay. People usually love to see a bendy version of their favorite character. My own favorite? Hmm, I think currently it's Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom. I think being flexible fits him, after all even his knife is made of rubber."

While Akio is good at inspiring others, his own catalyst is usually his roommate Maria who always loves to tease him, specially when Akio is on the webcam.

"She can just roll in right in the middle of my broadcast and be like 'oh you streaming again? good, let's show everyone what a good chair you make!' And she's the exact opposite of skinny, too! Man, is she heavy! But that's why I always spend some of my Internet money to buy her cakes because... the more fatass she gets, the flatter my folds get! Oops, I think I'm gonna really get folded for saying that..."

Akio belongs to taiknight

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