🦪 Two Pearls

Part 1

Rouge, a contortionist delivery boy, gets kidnapped by some weird gang of contortion fans. These three young men dressed in black leotards force him to bend and twist however they please until an unexpected turn of events...Reading Time: about 8-10 minutes

At the moment of writing, Rouge, a bendy punk living in the futuristic city of Lyon, was working as a delivery boy, always ready to deliver his famous hot buns anywhere around the city.

On that day he was wearing red spandex shorts, that's all he remembered for certain when he woke up in a dark alley without any idea what happened. He stood up and saw a group of three young men dressed in black leotards.

"Damn, it must be the Bendicate!" he thought.

The youth with an ultra high cut leo pulled out a walkie-talkie. "Got him, he's fine," he said into it. "We'll be back in 10 minutes, Boss."

The young men encircled Rouge and held their hot bodies against him. Just a few seconds of this was enough to break his resistance. Their black latex made him so weak that it wasn't a problem to take him to the big black car, where two of them held him still while the high cut was driving.

He was taken to a mansion in the middle of Lyon, where they made him wear a control collar that forced him to act like a pet and do whatever poses they wanted of him as they filmed it on camera.

"This video will get us a pretty penny," one of the young men smirked. "Now why won't you twist around and kiss your own ass!"

They continued to force him to do crazy things like that for their video, already guessing how much they would make off it on the dark market. That is, until a girl entered the room. Fully clad in white shiny spandex, bleached hair, silver high heels and a shock gun in her hand. She looked like a fetishistic cross between an oldschool rhythmic gymnast and a bio-mechanical sex droid.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" she demanded. "You could've broke him! He's just a boy, not a piece of rubber!"

"We were just having fun..." the ultra high cut young man pouted, adjusting his leotard.

"You three, get out of here. Go have fun with each other."

"But Miss..."

"No 'Misses'. I'm the Boss. Now get out!"

"Yes, Miss..."

"Don't forget the walking protocol!" she laughed and unloaded a shot from her shock gun onto the high cut one's bare butt. He rubbed his butt cheek and obediently switched to a catwalk.

"That ass, though!" she waited until the three black leotards left the room, then looked at Rouge. "Did you strain anything? Any injuries?"


"Boy, you're pretty knotted up! Alright, first I'm going to untie you."

Rouge hated to admit it, but she was right. In the last minutes two of the young men tugged him into the tightest Gordian knot, while the third was filming, that he would break something if he tried to undo it by himself.

"It's okay," she laughed. "I'll help you. Just relax as much as you can. It's me who taught them this knot, if you struggle you'll only make it tighter!"

She took Rouge's elbow and pulled on it. That unlocked his leg that she twisted and pulled out, unlocking the other leg and the rest he managed to do by himself.

"Thanks," Rouge took a deep breath as he could finally untwist and straighten his spine.

"You're welcome," she grinned. She walked over to a small table nearby and grabbed a bottle of water. She opened the bottle for him. He gulped it down after adjusting his red spandex shorts.

"You're pretty flexible. What's your name?" she sat behind him and started rubbing his shoulders.

"Er... Eric, but everyone calls me Rouge." (rouge = red in French)

"Oh, a Rouge, that's what they call an apprentice in training in a red light district, if I remember correctly?"

"No, Rouge is just a nickname because I always dye my hair red."

"Have you tried another color?"

"Yeah, green... But it wasn't as good as red, so I went back to the original."

"Oh, I think you'd actually look good with white hair," she continued to massage his tensed up shoulders and neck. "Are you a hooker?"

"What? No!" He laughed uncomfortably. "I work for Red Riding Hood. I deliver hot buns to the hungry! We use contortion to deliver the buns in the best condition... Some order it with a sausage and even cream but..."

"Ah, a delivery boy?"


She started to massage his temples with her thumbs. It helped to relax and lower the blood pressure after all that mind-boggling twisting.

"You got a fine job, but perhaps you won't mind a small but well paying work on the side?"

Rouge felt like he's trapped in a very strange interview.

"Sorry, l forgot to introduce myself. They call me Two Pearls, you must have heard of my jewelry shop?"

"I have, yeah..."

"I really need to renew my ads and I've been trying to find any catchy ideas, but when I saw how flexible you are, I got an idea!"

"What kind of idea?"

"You're going to be my model. I need to take some pictures and then show them to my advertising department. I think they'll be interested in you!"

"You want me to strike a pose?"

"Yes, I thought since my boys warmed you up, this little adventure could end up being profitable for you."

Rouge didn't quite understand the direction this thing wanted to go, but if he wanted to get out of here as soon as possible he'd have to agree. So he let himself be guided by this girl.

He started with standing on one foot and raising the other leg behind his back until he grabbed it effortlessly and tugged into a deep standing oversplit. He compressed his body gaplessly against the raised leg, feeling it's almost too easy to do.

She looked at him approvingly. "Nice, but this looks easy for you," she smiled. "Can you try to get your foot all the way to the floor?"

Rouge reached for the floor but couldn't do it, no matter how taut he pulled his muscles. "I'm sorry, I just haven't been stretching this much without a partner," he blushed. "Normally, I work out with my two boyfriends."

She thought for a moment, then grabbed his leg. "Mind if I get creative?" She pushed his leg all the way to the floor, then grabbed his arm and put it over the stretched leg's thigh, then pulled his shoulders up as much as she could and finally took his other arm and bent it behind his head so far that the elbow touched the opposite shoulder.

"Hold it, I'll take a picture!" She grabbed her phone and ordered him to smile. "Don't move!" She took a few pictures and sent them somewhere. "That should do it!"

Once she had done that, she let Rouge lay down on a couch and started massaging his tensed back. "Relax, you're gonna be rewarded for this whole adventure, don't worry. I'll even give you a discount at my shop if you ever want to buy jewelry for yourself or your boyfriends."

Rouge tried to let go of any concerns about this girl and start to enjoy her gentle hands. It actually felt really nice, and he could easily close his eyes and drift away.

"There, there... I think we've achieved something today! They're in awe of the pose!" Two Pearls smiled as she put down her phone. "You really are a natural. Thanks for agreeing to this, it's going to really help."

He opened his eyes and sat up. "Okay..." He took a deep breath. "What now?"

"Now you need to get prepped. Here's your white hair dye and some makeup, I'm sure you know how to use them. Go take a shower and make yourself pretty and I'll find a nice bodysuit meanwhile."

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Me gusta mas esta version... aunque las dos son maravilosas... en la anterior lo que me gusta es el brillo del traje en el cuerpo....
I like this version more... although they are both wonderful... in the previous one what I like is the shine of the suit on the body.... Read more
Hice la otra versión primero, pero luego pensé que no se parecía a Rouge en plata, así que tuve que hacer otra para demostrar que era él. Estoy muy contento de que hayas disfrutado de ambas imágenes! 😊
I did the other version first, but then I thought he didn't look like Rouge in silver, so I had to do another one to prove it was him. I'm very glad that you enjoyed both images! Read more
love seeing Rouge's rosy cheeks and loveable bends, didn't see it was a oversplit backbend until i read the story so makes for a more inpressive knot he got folded into XD Read more
Oh I wonder what you thought it was at first... But very glad you enjoyed the pic, hope you liked the story too! XD Read more
Rouge is always my favorite, love seeing more of him! The story was fantastic too! Read more
Thank you so much for looking and reading! It feels really great to have more feedback on the stories, it really motivates me to improve and write better! 🤤 Read more
Hehe, this is delicious appetizer before main course (part 2). Iam in awe from background blanket. And happy, that story despite scarry start ended up very pleasantly.
Finally Iam sending small kiss to Rouge :)
ps: I will be praising pose in part two :)
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Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed the pic and story! ^^ Read more
I love, how delivering buns with sausages and cream is perfectly logical in your world.
o< Read more
Sexy ginger butt! Read more
Rogue is my favorite by far, and it's a really awesome story! Read more
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