🦪 Two Pearls

Part 2

Rouge tries on a new outfit and gets prepared for a long and super flexible photo session for Two Pearls...Reading Time: about 8-10 minutes

Rouge got up and went to the bathroom. After he took a shower and dried himself off, he poured some of the hair dyer Two Pearls gave on the top of his head and watched in the mirror as the nanobots quickly changed his hair from red to silver to the last strand.

Next he put the box of makeup into a special slot and rested his chin on the makeup machine. After approximately a minute the A.I. turned his face into something worthy of a magazine cover.

He heard a rusting noise on the floor and saw a tray with a silver bodysuit delivered under the door. He stepped into the bodysuit and squeezed inside the stretchy material until it wrapped him like a second skin, then went out of the bathroom.

A young blonde guy with a ponytail and a gray leotard was standing in the room. "Whoa, what a cute model!" He walked up to Rouge and studied him all over.

Rouge looked at Two Pearls.

"His name is Nicole, he's your photographer for today. You'll have to talk with him during the photoshoot. But he's too much into pretty boys and contortion, so don't let him stretch the time with you, he always makes the sessions last forever without proper supervision! Wasting the company's money on his own entertainment. Isn't that true, Nicole?"

"I'm sorry, Miss! I am classically trained and we photographers have to take hundreds of pictures just to choose the best one... It's called being a pro."

"Well, if jewelers did the same thing, we'd run out of gold and diamonds. You need to develop a better eye and reaction instead of wasting so much time and disk space! I told you that many times... But I also told you, many of your photos are really good, I even have some hanging in my bedroom... Ahem! But I think it's about time we create a new masterpiece!"

"Yes, Miss! With this model here, I can promise you something really ho...*cough* really amazing!"

Two Pearls turned to Rouge. "Before we start, do you have any questions?"

"What's the theme of this shoot?"

"Elegance, of course! Did you expect something pornographic? I'm selling jewelry, not running a brothel." She looked at the photographer. "Now, you two can start, I believe?"

"Surely, Miss!" Nicole gave her a cheeky smile and held Rouge's hand, pulling him across the room to a special niche. He pressed some buttons on the wall and the niche's wallpaper turned green, several lightboxes lit it up nicely.

"Here, we will add the background later. For now we'll work on a perfect pose and expression!" Nicole stroke the side of Rouge's body gently, like a sculptor trying to visualize the sculpture inside a block of stone. Maybe it was a mere professional habit of treating his "living material".

"Two Pearls doesn't like to waste time, but the most beautiful contortion pictures in the world aren't done in 5 shots!" He pouted. "First you need to have the model dance for a while, get into the mood, relax... Take pictures that just look good, before you get to the ones that look excellent and then..."

He gently pulled Rouge into his arms and looked at him expectantly. "I want you to imagine something." He closed his eyes and whispered, "...A black swan, one that only existed in fairytales..."

"Nicole!" Two Pearls shouted. "The boy's already got a boyfriend! Two actually."

"Oh, and three is too much, I guess?" Nicole pouted.

"I'm going to need you to stop touching the boy for now if you're such a pro."

Nicole sighed. "Yes, Miss. I was just trying to get him in the mood. But how am I supposed to work if he's got no feelings for me?"

"No, I like your pretty face," Rouge protested. "Do you fancy a pair of hot buns on it, I could give you a discount."

"Oh, you work in buns delivery?" Nicole looked at Rouge. "If you think you're so hot then move like you're melting."

Rouge closed his eyes and started moving slowly like wax.

"Ah, that's it. Don't move, stay like that." Nicole adjusted the turning platform under Rouge's feet and the lightbox positions until the angles were perfect, then took several pictures.

"That's not the pose I wanted," Two Pearls protested.

"Well, this is better. More romantic."

"Hmm, alright, keep it, sheesh. But we need to capture the one I sent you!"

"Yes, yes!" the blonde replied. "But I don't know exactly how to do it. Can you go over there and help a bit?"

"Move aside, pro."

With even more ease than before Two Pearls took Rouge's foot all the way to the floor and adjusted his chest and shoulders, so everything was the way she wanted. "What's so difficult to understand?" She shook her head.

Nicole almost swallowed his tongue. "I'm a pro and I haven't seen that many models who..."

"Yes, when it comes to pretty boys and contortion, my boy here is the best in the business!"

"Perfect!" Nicole whistled, raising his camera. "Come on, sweet cheeks, don't forget to stretch your lips!"

Rouged joined in the smile, stretching his mouth as wide as he could before the shutter sound.

"Beautiful," the photographer said and took a few more pictures. "Your boyfriends must be really damn lucky!"

"Yeah, they are, and so are my clients," Rouge said (and winked at him).

Nicole took a few more pictures and then said, "Now for the interesting part. You just gave me an idea, I want you to do something pretty damn impossible." He looked at Rouge for a while and then... "Self-face-sitting!" He snapped his fingers.

"What?" Rouge looked at Two Pearls for help.

Suddenly she grinned. "That's actually something I don't mind paying to see as well..." She knelt by Rouge's side and ruffled his hair playfully. "...I need you to do it for me."

"Um, sure," the bendy boy said, although a little worried about this whole self-face-sitting thing.

Both Nicole and Two Pearls helped him to lay his shoulders on the floor and twist the body until his chest was turned 180 degrees around. He felt like all his ribs were ready to pop out of his chest when the two pushed hard on his hip bone and the next thing he felt was his nose between his own butt cheeks!

He suddenly realized his hands could easily wrap around his own hip bone to hold the position, for the first time in his life he could feel the hotness of his buns on his own face and it was...fantastic! He hugged himself as tight as possible, trying to bury his face even deeper.

The two let go of him and Nicole started shooting. He took a few pictures from different angles and when the whole process was over, Rouge felt a little light-headed.

"That was... incredible," Two Pearls admited.

She tried to help Rouge to get up but he protested. "No no, please, I want to lay like this for a while..."

He kept hugging his own butt, rubbing his nose against the soft cheeks like a happy child who was given a big new plushie toy.

It felt incredible, he just enjoyed feeling his body so compactly twisted into this position when suddenly he felt someone taking a firm seat on top of his hip bone. Rouge went cross-eyed from this much pressure on his body, all his joints, he felt his twisted backbone would snap if it weren't for his mom who stretched him daily since the day he was born.

He heard a lot of shutter sounds as his platform turned to give his contortion-obsessed employers dozens of amazing angles of his impossibly twisted and squished body.

"Um, I believe we have all the shots we will ever need," Two Pearls said. "Rouge, you can get up."

This whole experience had left Rouge feeling weak and drained, but in a good way. He feel like he could easily fall asleep for days just like this...

"You mind if I take a nap here, I'm just so tired..." He begged.

"Of course not, beautiful. I already got you a taxi, but you can keep the makeup and bodysuit as gifts, see if your boyfriends like the new style."

"Ah, but if I get back home like this, they'll never let me sleep tonight..." Rouge mumbled, slowly getting up and trying to remember how human beings are supposed to walk.

What do you think? 😄
This is a pose beyond belief, but the ones described in the story also fascinate me! Will we see them too? Read more
Well I usually make pictures first, then write a story, so stories often have a lot of extra ideas, when the picture is already finished... I find it really boring to make series of pictures that use the same style and environment, so maybe I'll use some of those ideas in some other pictures in the future... 😅 Read more
This Rouge in silver literally kills me! But you know what, you'd better visualize the self-face-sitting right away! Read more
Mwahaha, well, I guess I'll have to do it after all 😁
I make the picture first, then write the story later, so while making the picture I didn't think of the self-face-sitting yet... Read more
It really took me a moment to even realize what was going on here! I can't for the life of me decide which version I like better, both are so cool! It's a pleasure to see Rouge again in a picture, I was already missing him xDxD
Stunning stuff as always, and I'm amazed by the pose!
--Alldenspa Read more
Ah, crap, now I remembered why I stopped making versions of pictures like 10 years ago, it's because every comment is always about comparing them! 😂 It must be some transcultural brain feature, like all the people around the globe at any moment in the world's history laugh exactly the same. I mean it's always hehehe and hahaha, but never something like kuakua, unless we're watching One Piece...

I'm not ranting, just thought it's interesting! I'm glad you enjoyed both pics, I made the other one to make sure it's Rouge because he doesn't look like himself here 😅 And very glad you liked the pose! :3 Read more
I must say something right away, before commenting properly! These are incredible colors and pose! I keep staring again and again... . Can't wait to read whole story :-))
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much! I was complimented by a fellow artist for the choice of colors on Danny's picture with the yellow background, so I thought to try other cool combinations 🥶 Read more
I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of Rouge's story; a modelling shoot was a great idea to illustrate an alternative to the pose. The pose itself is a thing of spellbinding beauty, and Rouge's dolled up photo shoot look is gorgeous. The compression of his left butt cheek beneath the hyperextension of his groin is fantastic. And the artificial sheen that suffuses his leotard and the rippling water in the background evoke in me an image of the moon reflected on the surface of cool midnight waves. Thanks for another pair of great works. Read more
I'm really glad the story was enjoyable, let alone readable. I write to improve my vision of the characters, and hopefully to make it more interesting for anyone who has the time to read, but whenever I read other people's stories I can't help but see that even beginner writers are much better than me with the words. But since it still helps me a lot to write stories even in baby writer mode, I keep writing and hopefully improving.

Very glad you liked the butt cheek detail, I love to study all those details of body parts under extreme deformations. In fact, I think solving how the body would work in the most extreme positions is what makes this art so interesting to work on. Read more
I love the consistency in quality of the facial expressions of your characters. They're believable and lively and not stiff and plasticky like a lot of 3D/CG artists I've seen (I'm not trying to compare peoples' products but it's definitely something I've noticed) and you nail it on every figure you produce. I could go on, but I'll just leave it there. Read more
I'm very glad you like it! I guess it's because of so many years of making art, I can just feel when some angle or lighting is gonna suck and what would be better, and also how to paint over the 3D face to improve it, not ideally of course but some retouching can make a huge difference. Read more
Alright story completed, I think it goes not only very well with image, but with your art style as whole. It has that soft fine touch and sense for detail as this image.
Both making unreal stretch seem normal and yet demanding exhausting. Coloring and poses (in story and image alike) are masterpieces. Not using that word often, but here is well placed. On artistic level or any other :) it is joy to "experience" those strange curves, imagine how they feel.
Hmm it is shorter than I expected, but some other visitor posted like 70 messages, so I dont want to add burden of another long comment.
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much!! I wrote the story, as usual, after making the image, so it goes really well XD I was trying to see if it's possible to write about extreme contortion and make it as interesting as pictures. Interestingly I think I succeeded because I tried to do that self-face-sitting pose and failed to make it as good as in the story XD So it seems some contortion poses can only be achieved in fantasy pictures and some can even be achieved only in stories... XP Read more
OH GOSH, he looks like a fairy in clam shell! I love the bright smile and that confidence in his face! Also, this shiny silver bodysuit is incredibly beautiful!!! <3<3<3

Saraka Read more
That may be true, but if anyone can make fantasy come true it is YOU :-)
Shifty Read more
that is one shiny boy Read more
I love this version of Rouge. The color is great and bending in shiny skin-tight suits is what shininess was invented for. Even the makeup is alluring.
Have you heard of the invisible orbital webcams, that stick to a person and stream their live 24/7? They were invented as a punishment for people, who support total surveillance. After these people have gone extinct, the cams were rediscovered by bendy artists, so the viewers can watch their performances from any angle they wish. The pearls reminded me of that.
o< Read more
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