The Tavern

Little Matthew Mills has always been a rather mischievous kid, always would cause a lot of troubles to his parents, who owned the tavern. Basically, his only joy was to run to the street, rip all his clothes doing only God knows what, then getting himself all dirty, and then this little imp would get back home and jump on his bed without even changing the clothes! Of course, he'd never forget to break a couple of dishes on his way through the kitchen, too.

Broken dishes, dirt from the street... not the kind of a boy his parents were happy to have and his dad wasn't the kind of a man who enjoyed slapping children, although he had to do it on a daily basis! Luckily for all of them, their tavern was once visited by a wandering magician who was a very wise man with a huge silver beard covered with the purple spots of wine making his appearance even so much more magical, and so, being such an all-around wise man, he offered (in exchange for a few magical potions of vodka) to tell the secret: how to make the boy less clumsy, more clever and performing tasks most definitely more useful to the household...

Of course, I wouldn't be me if the wandering magician weren't talking about making the boy into an acrobat for showing him off to guests, and I'm sure most of my long term watchers would easily make up the rest of the story from the clumsy little boy to the handsome young lad in the middle of the pic ^_^

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