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Matthew Mills

Matthew is a hard-working waiter/hooker in the tavern that belongs to his father.

While his dad brews the finest beer, Matthew takes care of delivering it to the guests, not forgetting to show a little adver-tease-ment of his own services as well as thank the client for a good tip.

The tavern is located in Foldale, the harbor village always full of sailors and pirates. Needless to mention what profession is most in demand here. Thankfully, the village is not short on attractive teens who don't mind to evaluate how much they're worth in gold and silver.

Time flies, goshMatthew is a real hard worker in that sense, but aside from work his biggest passion is contortionism. Something his dad didn't care much about at first, but after seeing all the benefits he even started to help his son with the stretching. The young man's hobby quickly grew into the tavern's main popularity booster!

The TavernMatthew, who got a lot of occassional slaps on his butt as a young kid for all his mischievousness, breaking dishes while trying to "help", bringing all kinds of dirt to the tavern from the street... as he grew up into a graceful slender youth, he never really stopped getting slapped on his butt, though the slaps now were all the different kind X3

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