The Original Snake Princess

Mary is today Erika's yoga instructor but here we can see some of her own skills from back when she was young and worked as a circus contortionist.

Mary captured the attention of a semi-wealthy businessman who was a very big admirer of contortionism, so she married him at the age of 18 and migrated. Beside enjoying his wife's body by himself, the entrepreneur opened a paid website to sell pictures and videos with his wife as a contortionist model.

Alas, Mary didn't know that she wasn't his first bendy girl, when she was 21 she found out he was cheating with a whole new 18 years old bendy prodigy, a skinny Ukrainian girl with a couple of blond braids and almost disturbing flexibility even by contortion standards. Needless to say her husband was drooling buckets over that bitch.

Mary was extremely disappointed but the man managed to smoothen the divorce by giving her a whole house as a gift and a large sum of money. Mary was broken hearted for almost two years and nearly lost all of her contortion skills since she wasn't practicing at all, but then suddenly she discovered the world of yoga and spirituality and ended up moving to India for a couple of years where she regained some of her flexibility through devotion to yoga and was eventually qualified as a yoga instructor herself.

Yoga helped her to cleanse her mind and win back her original love for flexibility that was spoiled by the life experiences, so she went back home to open a yoga gym where she eventually met Erika, the teen girl who proved that love was still possible in Mary's life.

Mary and Erika became an inseparable item and for the very first time in years Mary took out her old snakeish suit that she last put on when she was Erika's age. And the rest of the story is here:

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