🧽 Soft Rock

Bonus 2

After coming up with a couple of his own songs, Wolfy figured he could really use a guitar but fearing that sitting and playing a guitar might make him less flexible, he learned all of his guitar skills while holding all kinds of flexible poses. In fact it was a great distraction, the more he played the more he pushed himself into way more extreme poses without noticing.

Before long, he could play a guitar in an oversplit, in a triplefold or on his butt after twisting his torso 180 degrees. One day he played a whole song in a ruppelbend for a concert at school and that's the day he figured that nothing could stop him from becoming a rock star! 😁

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I was not that flexible when I was in a Heavy Metal band. Read more
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Wolfy is so sexy 😍 😋
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