🥳 Sexy Renaissance

Walther spent a summer with his super flexible cousin Leslie, not without good and bad consequences. The good thing is Leslie's mom is a magical yoga instructor, we've already seen how well she trained Leslie, now look what she was able to achieve with Walther in just 3 months of work! 😲 (of course not without Leslie's help too...)

The bad thing is Walther's pants didn't survive this series of level-ups, but maybe that's for the better. All is well that bends well. At least the rest of his Renaissance outfit is still intact! 😜

Walther and his Renaissance outfit are both free 3D models created by RomarovArt.

What do you think? 😄
No doubt he shall become a fine man of culture proficient in a wide range of contortions. :) Read more
Or a scientiest to study the angles and extremes :3 Read more
He doesn't need pants ! So sweet and adorable 💕 Read more
Yeah, who even invented pants? So barbaric! :P Read more
Yes!! Yes! So much yes. What a cool new pic! Read more
Thank you so much! I have more pics to finish soon! :3 Read more
Not bad at all, Walter sure now knows how to use his slim and sexy body. Maybe most interesting thing about this particular image is fact, that such insane pose feels casual. Like some normal middle age stance every young lad could do... .
Shifty Read more
Thanks, Shifty! I think we can clearly see his cousin's influence here, Leslie has a good eye for beauty, he's like a sculptor who removes all the unnecessary layers to uncover the true beauty hidden within the stone :P
In this case, it was almost a crime to hide such beautiful legs, wonder where his lawyer mom was looking 🤣 Read more
such ease... *sigh* Read more
😜 Read more
I love this oversplit and the stark colors; apart from Leslie's rendition of the pose that doubtlessly inspired his cousin's, it is similarly displayed by the Kamasutra monk, a fine work just as this one is too.
I'm envious at how easily Walther's body is able to develop its flexibility; even with his hyperflexible cousin's tutelage, it is nevertheless an impressive feat to advance so deeply. Must be their genetics, perhaps even Walther's conservative mother has untapped potential for hyperextension, if she'd only indulge.
Better that his pants didn't go the distance, better to see the lithe definition of his legs, his crimson loincloth, his profound naval cleft, protrusive ribs and illiac crest, and his tightly extended abdomen.
Another great work Yuni. Read more
Walther's secret, I think, is that he's a beautiful model, not exactly in line with my characters, a different face created by another artist, so it was really really tempting to see how far he can bend... even if I had to spend a lot of time thinking how to explain it later XD

I'm so glad the beauty of his stretched abdomen wasn't lost between those perfect legs, and I'm happy we're both such big fans of those particular details! The tension of the body is something really visually exciting, sadly I'm STILL learning how to show it, the true master was Fisfis who could really make every muscle bulge just from how much it was stretched. I also love the athlethic photography where so many details can be admired but I'm still on the way of learning the techniques to achieve that... Read more
He is so beautiful! ❤️ Hope one day to see him posing au naturel, without a stitch on! 😍 Read more
Was working on something like that already, guess now it's time to finish that one! Thanks! 😁 Read more
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