💪 Ruppel Pushups

How many Ruppel-pushups can you do?

Seems the Royal Hair Force is up to some new photo shooting operation, only for advanced foldiers!

After Alldenspa's new artwork of Florence, a four-armed contortionist doing a Ruppel-handstand, we discussed how it would be interesting to see a two-armed character at that, so wanted to try making my version of it ^^

What do you think? 😄
Such balance! Read more
Also a proof that the ass is not the center of mass 😁 Read more
Not gonna lie, Basil is my fave. Crazy happy to see him again~! The adorable little smile, the unique pose, and just...wow! Hope we get to see more of him again soon! Maybe of his cute genderswapped self from a few years ago? 12/10, ultra fantastic, would fall in love with again and again. Holy cow, I finally get back to where I can be at a computer from a long work slog and you spoil us <3

-Kada Read more
Wow, really? He should show up more often then! And yeah, trying to keep my bois' bios flexible so if he's muscled here doesn't mean I can't bend the timeline and make another one from his Alice in Wonderland nightclub period 😁

You know I have a stressful work too, without art I'd find myself merely surviving in the middle of a savage and hostile planet. That famous Tolkien quote is always a huge inspiration to me! Read more
Oh yeah! I almost forgot, I just love how this type of fold makes them look shorter. Little bit of built in height teasing. I have a baaaad weakness for short guys XD

-Kada Read more
Hahah, that reminded me of that old picture Why the Pygmies are so short 😁 Read more
What a tight bend, beautiful knee extension and elegant pointe <3 Sexy bronzed skin too.
Love how big his tricep is looking pressed close into his quad.
High cut leotard's should be the most clothes bendy bois are allowed to wear letting us see their hips in extreme poses is so exciting. It just barely covers thier delicious bulges too ;) Read more
Thank you so much!! ^.^
From the sweat on the skin we can tell he's doing his best to make sure you get only the best contortion pics! 😁
Haha yeah, leotards are so perfect at showing the ideal lines and emphasizing the sexiest details about legs and hips! But fully covering the bulge with a leotard is quite a challenge 😂 Well, at least in this alternate reality there are high cut leotards made specifically for bois, fine-tuned for their chest and crotch sizes, so all's well that's cut well! Including diamonds, leotards, umm... well, not the penis obviously... umm, comments with too much babbling 🤣 Read more
Your right, ass is the END of mASS! :P Read more
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I think it would be a real challenge to wrestle with him. He has perfectly trained muscles and yet is so flexible. It will be hard to get him under control.
And by the way, you are constantly demand to get in touch with his sexy buttocks or bulge. Read more
Yeah, those wrestling videos where they get backbent by accident... In his case you could set a counter in the corner to see how many times he does it per minute, then can put up videos like "Basil is totally BROKEN!!" 🤣

Basil and Danny should wrestle one day, who makes the other's head touch their own crotch first wins! The sheer amount of contorting and muscle work will be violent!! 😁 Read more
I really, really, love how you're making him more muscular now. It looks incredibly hot, and makes him more believable than if he was just a bendy twink. I effing love Basil.
-tbj Read more
Very glad you enjoyed the muscles! It's always great to see how far bodies can bend, muscled or not 😜 Read more
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