🦵 Leg Day

Wanted to try a muscled contortionist and I think this is what the end of a leg day looks like for Danny 💪😝

Never hurts to do an hour of stretching after an hour of intense workout 🤤

What do you think? 😄
Glad to see you're putting the ideas you got from my DA page to such good use! I had no idea Danny was this bendy, it's incredible! Fantastic stuff, I'm loving how the anatomical details are still so clearly visible despite him being muscular. Very cool!
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Yup, I just love your muscled flexible boys!
Every day can't wait to see more of them! Such fresh ideas and beautiful bodies, most of your artworks I remember by heart and can remember them just closing my eyes.

And yeah, Danny was super flexible as a kid before his bodybuilding practice, so I thought why not keep him super flexible after? His favorite role model has always been Conan the Barbarian, I bet he'd absolutely love the idea of cosplaying a "bendy Conan" sometime, combining his two huge passions.

I think I'll even add his tag to my Conan pic just because the character looks so much like him already :P Read more
Ooohhh... Muscle contortion is hot!

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Totally! He can flex and he can flex 😏 Read more
Danny definitely doesn't skip leg day or bend day 😛

Love seeing danny bend his buff butt XD Read more
Why would he skip his favorite part of the day 😜 Read more
IN LOVE!!! <333

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You asked for more bodybuilders doing the ruppel backbend 😉 Read more
Nice twist! In both senses of the word. It's pleasant to see a level of buff that fits firmly into Twunk without going complete bodybuilder. Read more
I'm very happy if it looks good. I wonder if his muscles are less insanely buff due to his constant contortion practice, just like swimmers have different builds than non-swimmers. Either way I'm starting to enjoy those muscled builds and definitely need to keep an eye on Danny 😜 Read more
Nate can easily perform the snail, he just needs to grab his feet from that position and pull them a little bit.

How flexible is he? It looks like he can outbend Nate for sure! Didn't expect to see this.

It would be cool to see him pose as a bodybuilder in a contortion pose too. How would a bodybuilder pose in such a crazy contorted position? Read more
Good point! Plus he looks somehow relaxed like this, bet he could easily end his leg day by holding an extreme snail, that would improve his arm strength too.

I think Danny has a great deal of endurance and he loves to stretch beyond the boiling point but Nate was born in a backbend, so where Danny could barely touch his feet to his head, Nate could probably snail up with his legs fully extended, grabbing on his knees and pressing his shoulders to his thighs 😛 Read more
i want to use his feet
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*crawls from behind and presses E to use feet*

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Today is Leg Day. Tomorrow is Wrestling Day? 😁
I would like to see how well he can bend his opponent on the mat with these muscles. Read more
Hahah, yeah, now I can totally imagine him as a bendy wrestler, he could even take the stage name and outfit from his favorite character Conan the Barbarian 😁 Read more
Once again mindblowing! This is perfection, once Ill have just little more time Ill drool over Danny with great pleasure. I feel so bad for commenting with lag :( but everything including new computer seems to be possessed by evil spirits or something X-D
But Danny is so yummy boy as always!!!
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As long as you enjoyed it, I'm happy! I tried making art without uploading it somewhere and that only leads to not making art at all. Comments are great, I think they make the characters more alive! At least they always inspire me to make more pictures :3

Sounds like you're stressed and need a break from whatever is stressing you! Recently my own art started bothering me, so I just put it aside for a month, then for two months, then I suddenly just started making it again. Just relax, evil spirits can't stand relaxed people :D Read more
I like position of his hands, they showing as how relaxed he is despite extreme leg twist. Also that his feet fingers are "moving" as they do in reality when in pleasure. And crown is his mouth and face with hidden eyes... but you can still sense the "feeling".
Lights itself like on back of hands or great shoulder, ribcage muscles are another treat :)

Sory for not commenting right away on those but iam kinda out of time :( and I apologize for it as your creations are always superb!!!
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Thank you so much! Very glad you enjoyed it! 😊 Read more
This new, slightly altered iteration of Danny is great to look at, more so than before. A perfect bend; such mesmerizing anatomically precise lines that erotically trace his athleticism along the lithe face of his firm yet apparently supple body. The splayed toes and outstretched hands betoken a therapeutic comfort and composure in such an extreme bend.
Is his hair now more textured? It appears quite luscious; an unkempt Adonis.
What I find most incredible about your art, is that I can gaze again and again at a piece with the same wonder each time as at the first exposure. Great work. Read more
I'm so very touched that you liked it so much!

Seems Danny's true value was underestimated at first, he has so much more to show us! His barbarian style seems like an interesting big chapter in the holy book of contortion, now to make more of him and his sculpturesque tanned body stretched beyond the limit! Read more
It's interesting to see this combination. Usually being buff and being flexible (backbend wise) it's pretty much going in the opposite direction.

It makes me remember Ed Jubinville, which was a bodybuilder and also a contortionist from the early stages of bodybuilding from the last century. He has some pictures online, which look fake, where he can perform a deep backbend, and he was well built, like Danny. But it always got my attention if he could ever be bigger or "buffer" like those monster bodybuilders and still be that flexible.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that It would be cool to be really big and really flexible at the same time. Do you think Danny will be bigger at some point? Like his dad? Read more
I recommend looking at
Some of the boys and men are both flexible and muscled. Read more
I appreciate very much kind words and effort to help with advice :-) It mans a lot. Sadly some things (people) can't be turned off and they can take all your time. I sincerely hope it gets better and I'll have once again more time to support you at least with words.

Ability to share my thoughts with most favorite artist - you is just mirracle. I like your comments as much as your art because you are kind and smart even in them... . I wish you only good things Yuni! And thanks for everything.
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I wish you luck dealing with your mysterious situation 😅 Read more
Kind of a Twisted way to do leg-day.🤔😅 Read more
SO Adorable ! Head to toes Delicious 💕 Read more
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