Magic in the Air

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a young but promising alchemist lived and worked in his tower. He was one of the highest level magicians in the world, also because he lived so high upon Mount Hardy that his tower was almost always clouded.

He used clouds in his work to master skills such as levitation. Like clouds, his own body could also take on any shape and he could easily lose himself while playing with his body and just levitate and contort all day, forgetting about more important things.

Although he mostly used the clouds in his harmless alchemy, people in the nearby villages believed that he was the one who controlled all the rains and storms in this place, so they sent their most beautiful daughters and sons to please him and ask him for good weather.

He quickly got fed up with all those random whiny youths who wanted something from him and couldn't even decide if they wanted more rain for their crops or more sun for their skin, so he ended up enchanting the mountain path to make it impossible to find his tower.

But his solitude didn't make him much happier. One day he was walking around the mountain to get some fresh air and recuperate, when he suddenly stumbled and fell on a rock, but the rock did not hurt him, because on closer inspection it was a scantily clad boy, knotted up in an unexpected, incredible way...

The fella's legs were stretched in a 360 degree oversplit and interlocked over his head, and his torso was twisted 360 degrees, making his waist as thin as a wasp's. Moreover, the boy's blond hair and pretty face could easily win in any beauty content.

The alchemist saw all this as he stumbled upon this boy and fell into a rather awkward embrace. Both boys could almost hear each other's heartbeats as their bodies intertwined in the most ridiculous way, but in the end both of them laughed and shamelessly stared at each other with great curiosity.

The alchemist was so fascinated that he immediately forgot about his dislike for stupid teenagers and invited the blond cutie to his tower, promising a special herbal tea that allowed to stretch in incredible ways. The blond boy smirked as his body was practically unbreakable anyway, but he couldn't refuse the noble who looked so beautiful in every way.

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Like story a lot esp ending... he found a treasure indeed and Image is so uplifting :) Really magical crotch hehe and clothes are sexy as earings and whole rest of his being :p

ps: I beg you very very much would it be possible to return that nice borders to comments at least on desktop. Loved them for all those years somehow made this place bit special.
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Well it's not the ending yet... :P

The image is "uplifting"... haha nice one :D Yeah the mages in this world seem obsessed with being as sexy as possible. I'm guessing maybe because having a sexy body/abilities/clothes helps to have a better mood that's essential in magic, so one who is depressed couldn't do any magic at all, but one who is sexy, self-admiring, content with his perfect appearance, can easily perform magic, so they always teach it first about the looks in magic schools. Helmut for one knows that his perfect ass is merely getting so much training and spanking to ensure his success as a great magician asap :D As for Andrzej, I think he's already self-admiring to the max, even feel annoyed whenever his own bf gets better than him in anything, what to say about his other rivals... Must be really easy for him to do magic, but I suspect he's only into magic for the extra possibilities in contortion training XD

Oh I returned the borders to comments, thing is when I removed them it felt good and more "modern", "readable"... but after coming back to look at teh site after ~10h, they looked kind of weird, so I put the thick borders back and it looked good again! :D Read more
Oh I like that smoke effect. The way it looks like it's moving with the air currents created by Andrzej's motion and maybe clinging a little to the coat tail is cleanly done. Read more
Thank you!! 😊 Was trying to make it easier to see he's floating in the air and the smoke really helped... I hope it's not that kind of smoke that merely makes him imagine doing this in his head 😂 Read more
I love boys in leotards. Hot ! Read more
Yeah, looks great on them! Thanks!! 😁 Read more
He must be an incredibly powerful wizard, even just looking at him makes a part of MY body levitate! Read more
Hmm gave me a thought maybe this what legs look like when they have an erection? Now will look differently at all the standing split pics...😂 Read more
Sweet legs and feet 💕 Lovely bulge ! Read more
Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed 😁 Read more
Thanks a lot for everything including tose very interesting story extras :)
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I bet his adductors are super sensitive when stretched so much like this. Perfect time for Yasha to snuggle in close and lick them all over. Read more
Wow, I've never thought about that! A surprise foot massage might also work on some other day :D Read more
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