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During the most recent archeological expedition to mt. Hardy, scientists discovered a new mineral that is stretchier than rubber and hotter than sausage! No wait, it's just Yasha again.. Apparently he was trying to take a long deserved break in some distant place but it's easier said than done with an unbreakable body πŸ˜‚

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What do you think? πŸ˜„
Looks like they found the softer and more bendy Fold's Gold instead of that Fool's Gold from before, When you get to see Yasha bending is the greatest of treasure XD Read more
Oh so true XD I'd sure prefer a chest full of folds to a chest full of gold XP
If only it was possible to pay in folds, like, you go shopping and the cashier is like "it would be 3 folds and a headsit please" but you only got 2 frontbends left... "sorry do you accept oversplits, I left all my folds at home" and they're like "no sir, we don't, no folds, no food"... "ah snap! guess I'll tighten my belt for today"... cashier: "oh wait a second, we do accept wasped waists, it would be 14 inches"... "what! 14 inches that's unthinkable, make it 10!" XD Read more
Ahh yes a 360 degree oversplit with a 360 degree torso twist fascinating πŸ‘ πŸ˜„ Read more
Cumulative hotness... over 700 degrees!! 😍 Read more
Wow Yuni, this piece is absolutely jaw dropping! 360 degree over splits and torso twist simultaneously(?!) then compounded with Yasha's cherubic androgynous countenance; not even dreams could furnish my imagination with such unparalleled marvel. Every furrow coursing between extensive flesh, protruded bone and tautened muscle, traces a map of complexity that exceeds the cleft quarry of any archaeological dig site. And Sun's warm glow, perhaps waning, turning his flesh to primeval red and blonde hair to gold. What a mystical site for those excavators to alight upon.
One of my favorite works to be sure Yuni. Read more
He's been working on it before in Idle Hands 2 for example but sure made a lot of progress since. Maybe next time we'll see a true 360 degree twist with the lower ribs fully aligned with the hip bone.
I'm so very happy that you enjoy the anatomical details so much, that really inspires me to find ways to improve them further and work them to more perfection. I've always loved the studio photos that focus on the infinite details of the naked human body, especially muscled or skinny people whose bodies are incredibly detailed. Trying to get there with 3D art and painting is really interesting, I'm glad we have tools that almost lets us replicate the reality and make our own "photos" straight out of imagination.

You have an interesting hint in your comment about the sunlight, made me think how good it would be to have a story like a fairytale about a rock that wanted to try being soft so much that the Sun god blessed it to take the shape of a contortionist boy for a day, for a whole day he tried every bendy things there is to try but at the end it was time to turn back into a rock as the Sun was setting. He did the last and the bendiest of all poses as he turned back into a rock, but the Moon god took a glimpse of his beauty and also blessed him to be a boy for the night as well, and since then he enjoyed the boyform day and night and pleased both deities with the most amazing poses :D Read more
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Ouhhh! You are up to the something with this one. I love this gold nugget idea it shows huge power of your imagination. For real, I am sure you uncovered some beautiful way of thinking worth of pursuing. Can't put finger on it but I do sense it.

For example Iam imagining Yasha to be "glued" to the ceiling of cave rather than lying on the stone (but i guess iam wrong?) . Walking inside then winking on him with smile :) with surprise.
Pose itself is whole new level of goodies on itself, that shape doing frame for this jewell from legs alone ouuuch!!!

But if I might have suggestion this time there could be real point to "polish" this nugget in literall sense of word. And make yashas body partly metalic gold and shiny and in bottom silver like. And maybe embed some of his parts a bit into stone? Iam not sure myself. And know damn too well its so hard to top such masterpiece. But this time I really think it be worth to do bit more of tedious experimenting. And I realize purely "metalic" skinn may be "boring" but hell from this angle, with all the shadows, and your superb lighting and stone and combination of more metals uh oh... .

And story? Superhero movie with Yasha as main star. Ancient hero is discovered after 1000s of years of slumber in divine empowering pose... leading to worldwide stretching movement opposed by evil stonemasons or something like that eh uh :-D (*should have been funny but eh uh oh :p*)

Sorry for long comment!
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Evil stonemasons... nice one! 🀣
I suspect he will grab any role as long as he's the main star AND gets to do all the bends in the movie, he's already stealing the show from Andrzej every time πŸ˜‚
As for experiments, I'm always curious how much more Yasha will be able to contort since he's always claiming to be unbreakable and will I be able to invent even more extreme poses for him than this XD Read more
I am very glad to see my beloved Yasha again! Read more
Thank you so much!!
Mark my words, with Yasha it's never the last time you see him! I've finished this one but I already have 2 or 3 more pictures of him in the works... 😏 Read more
Once again, out of my confort zone, but I can't stop looking.

I forgot to bring it up the other day, there's some young man in The Northman who I think looks almost exactly like Yasha. He plays the younger version of whichever Skarsgard is in it. I can't keep track of them all.

Tell me what you think:
youtu.be/oMSdFM12hOw Read more
Well, personally I am really enjoying the concept that Yasha has an unbreakable body and love to imagine all kinds of things he could do with it.

That real-life "Yasha" looks just like him, that movie even somehow matches the style of this pic. Read more
Yasha's feet....*drooling like a brainless beast*

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Weekly pedicure, daily foot massage and 30-40 minutes of stretching and workout every day to keep them soft and sexy. Yasha: "I'm just a hopeless foot addict, no need to thank me" 😜 Read more
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Thanks! :D Read more
I really love the idea of the rock gifted life and elastic form by both the sun and the moon, a celestial gift of both symbolically masculine and feminine charge; from lifeless matter to lithe contortionist, blessed by the heavens with the creative factor; to shape himself as he pleases, no longer bound by the material limitations of the rock, given to changes only at the whims of erosion, and chance spatial displacement at the hands of the breathless winds that run down the flank of Mount Hardy.
He might be transfigured to the contorted god of the gorge, perhaps at times so still in his isometric elasticity, calling upon his former state of being in deep contorted meditation, to attain unrivaled balance and stillness within his folds.
I hope to see your brilliant idea developed at some point in the future Yuni. Read more
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!!
Hmm, that made me curious if it's possible to make a photo of the sun and the moon hitting a rock from two sides at the same time. Great observation and your comments are as deep as Yasha's oversplit.
He must indeed be a contortion god of some kind, started as a bendy kid who could skip a school day but never a stretching session, then making deals with the Siberian shamans and even the Communist Party to take part in scientific experiments, then lucky to get a boyfriend who's right behind him what comes to contortion rivalry (at least Yasha prefers to think he is ahead), I think that reminds of some stories of the Vishnu avatars where they were born in mere mortal bodies but quickly gained the best available powers from the human world, so wouldn't be surprised if Yasha is the incarnation of some contortionist deity and Andrzej is his lover far beyond the mortal plane, so even though they were born as mortal rivals, they quickly sorted their feelings out... Read more
I just simply adore the reflections on the skin of your art. It is just so magnificent. Bravo. Read more
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i wish to se more extrem twist posts, and i love your work Yuni and it will be so beautifull if you can do it Read more
Thank you so much! There will be more for sure 😁 Read more
Absolutely Delicious soles πŸ’• , lovely bulge ! Read more
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η‰Ήε–œζ¬’δ½ ηš„θΏ™ζ ·ηš„
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