Idle Hands 2 🖐

"It's elementary, Watson!" 😎

As an elementary school boy, Yasha was chosen by the KGB (a.k.a. Kremlin's Gymnast Boys) to be part of the Soviet Russian government experiments to create an unbreakable soldier. At the time Yasha was already heavily interested in the art of contortionism and was chosen solely by the fact he was the most flexible child in Saint Moscowburg, the capital of the Siberia.

So needless to say the experiment, although potentially dangerous, was entirely enjoyable for Yasha. He was enhanced to obtain an incredible physical shape while disguising himself as a contortionist in his regular life. Though nobody could believe the amount of stretching his body could sustain, he was so good at vanity that nobody suspected he was actually part of some top secret research.

By his late teens, Yasha's body became truly unbreakable and his muscles and joints could sustain some unthinkable manipulations. Only a small fraction of it he was allowed to reveal during his circus performances as a flexible boy, but even the little he was allowed to show could make any audience speechless.

Wow this is a hard one, can Andrzej do this? If he can't, he will be very mad until he finally can 😅
I am speechless. Completely under his spell, and speechless! His work is done! 😝
Incredibly soft
Thank you!
Hey Yuni, how to make pc wallpapers with Yasha? 😊 Not sure 😅
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