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Jack is one of the very few people in the world who were born with this disability of completely lacking both arms and legs. Very luckily he was born to parents who didn't question his right to live even for a second, even though his dad was a doctor and knew too well that such a life wouldn't be easy. They nursed him to a pretty healthy child, although rather weak due to the sheer lack of available exercises...

Jack's DadWhen Jack was 8 his dad finally found a certain system that could be useful in Jack's case, it was a yoga system from India, invented by a guru who had the very same body shape as Jack but more than a hundred years ago! But Jack's mom refused to do that without the boy's own agreement, so his dad improvised a little test by watching some program on the telly about the circus and contortionists in particular. That got Jack so captivated that he cried when his dad tried to change the channel, so they let him watch the whole thing and then had to answer countless questions. Since the contortion became Jack's absolute favorite thing and he began asking his parents more and more about it, until both parents had to agree that he was more than ready to start with his own training. The yoga exercises eventually unlocked a bunch of new abilities for Jack, he became incomparably more mobile, healthy, and even started getting some muscles.

Since he was very much limited in terms of playing with other kids, he replaced them with books that offered wonderful and exciting stories. But after reading a few hundred books in less than a year, he figured out that they're getting very repetitive and he could even easily predict what most of the heroes would do next and how the book would end. And then for the first time he tried to read some adult books...

The first adult book he read was something about sociology, for the first time he couldn't predict what it's gonna be on the next page and that renewed his interest. Science was definitely more exciting than any fiction, and so during his teens Jack swallowed more literature than an average university student, at the same time never forgetting about his passion for contortion, usually combining both hobbies at the same time.

By the age of 18 he already knew pretty much what this world is all about and started investing his time into very specific subjects. By the age of 20 he turned $500 borrowed from his dad into $1,500,000 on his personal bank account, his own house and a pretty caretaker. He had done tons of preparations, his new house was about to be a disabled man's heaven, it was not only the most beautiful house but every smallest piece of furniture was designed by himself and for himself. Pretty much everything was right on the heated floor: the computer, the bed, the kitchen and even the fridge was customized to be horizontal. Jack himself got some piercings, some new buddies and generally learned how to enjoy his body to the max.

There was only one thing that Jack could never understand with his whole intellectual power: why people want him to wear clothes? They were incredibly uncomfortable to wear and difficult to put on. Wouldn't it be easier for them to get used to the looks of his body, it was young, well-toned, shaved, massaged, washed twice a day, creamed and smelled very nice, so what was the problem with it? Every time somebody paid him a visit, Jack had to hide all that beauty away... Well, at least his caretaker didn't mind him the way he was...

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