Flex Cafe Menu

Flex Cafe offers a very special type of morning snacks, where the waiter is the main ingredient of the hot and delicious breakfast!

It's not a simple room where they slap a cup of coffee on your table and go away... It is always a performance with a dance that is included in the payment! :3

The waiters in the Flex Cafe are typically elves, as they have that naturally friendly attitude, pleasant manners and youthful looks that make them the best workers in all kinds of services that work with clients: coffee houses, t-houses, bathing houses, hair stylists, nuru & lingam, and God of Love knows what else... XD

But back to the Flex Cafe, when you visit it you can choose what would boost your energy and motivation the most in the morning from a small menu like this:

Hot Dessert – hot coffee and cake served by an oriental bellydancer
Shibari Rolls – sushi rolls freshly cut by a sexy ninja's katana
Sword Dance – buns and cheese sliced by a knight in skimpy armor

Usually the dance takes about 2-3 minutes during which you're not supposed to touch the food as it is part of the dance, but after the waiter finishes and leaves, you can even eat! :3

But don't expect the cleaning up and payment to be the most boring part of the show! Nobody leaves the Flex Cafe with a cappuccino moustache!

Well, as much as it may seem that the client gets all the best bits, actually it's equally pleasant for the waiter. First, it's a nice physical exercise in the morning, like being paid for going into the gym for a couple of hours. Second, they receive enough payments to afford a nice school and rent. Third, the super convenient schedule that allows them to work in the morning and then the rest of the day is free to study, do other jobs or relax :3

Thanks a lot to A.F. for the idea ^^

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160 zennies for all four? (is that what those numbers below the seconds are?) What a steal. I agree with the previous poster, this is one of my favorites, too! Read more
Wasn't supposed to be expensive, so probably some local currency or tokens 😅 Read more
I mean, just look at Falaerin.....
I. Want. Now. Hmmm, I think we need to see more of Faendal too, he looks, hrrrm, interesting.
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There's actually more of Faendal, I think he has something in common with Nate 🤭 Read more
My morning wood loves that cafe. All waiters are breathtaking. Read more
Thank you so much! 😊 Read more
Such delicious treats on offer 💕 Hard to make a decision! Read more
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