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Amtril O'Neil

Amtril is the personal jester of princess Arisha, but his lifestyle was very far from royal just a few years ago, when he was a mere gypsy.

Village FoolAs a young child, Amtril was kidnapped by the outlaws and sold to the gypsy camp in Beltimore in exchange for supplies needed for the survival of the gang. Of course, nobody asked the kid's opinion, and neither did they ask his opinion when they started exploiting his elfish flexibility in every way they could think of, only getting more and more amazed by what can be done with the naturally pliant elven bodies!

Gypsy Elf IISince he was kidnapped at a very early age, he always thought that the gypsies were his real family and lived as a mere nomadic offspring. Only in his late teens he was finally liberated by the elven princess during one of the gypsy tours, though she merely set him free because she was looking for a pretty and bendy jester and he completely fit that description. In any case, he was taken under her cozy wing and returned to his homeland Elbend after so many years of wanderings.

Secret GardenHe immediately fell in love with the princess and became her little bitch, trying to amuse her with the best skills he had. Some people are just destined to be slaves...

Brighter Than The SunHis nomadic manners always amused the princess, but made it difficult to communicate with other elves, still he made some friends, above all Falaerin who is a very delicate elf but with a major fetish for barbarians, so seeing a fellow elf having such harsh and savage manners, Falaerin jumped out of his skin to become Amtril's boyfriend, and thanks to his great charm eventually succeeded to "steal" the jester from the princess, at least in Amtril's spare time...

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