🌗 Fifty Fifty

Part 1

A small tale about the Chinese exorcist monk Yan Feng Gu and another terrible curse!Reading Time: about 6-8 minutes

Yan Feng Gu was born in 1401 in China, started his life as an acrobat boy but became a monk and an exorcist in his later life. All that we already know, but little did he expect it was just the beginning of his long life.

He led a healthy life and practiced a lot of kung fu, knew a great deal about herbs and never stopped doing contortion just for his own pleasure. He was 100 years old and still could touch his toes... from bending in half backwards!

In 1501 he woke up in the morning of a summer day, feeling incredibly light and energetic all of a sudden. He always had a good sleep but now he had no words for how good he felt! He looked at his hands and jumped! They were so small, his limbs so thin, his skin so smooth, and most importantly his long white beard was gone!!

Still naked, he ran to the lake outside and couldn't believe the reflection he saw in the water! He jumped like a young boy because he literally was one!

Maybe it was some old age insanity, he thought? But a whole day passed and things remained the same. He gained a lot of proofs it wasn't his imagination and he really was very young again! Yet he couldn't explain all this... Then again, he had to deal with many curses over the 70 years of working as an exorcist, perhaps it was a strange mixture of them that affected him?

Since that year the same thing repeated every century, and Yan Feng Gu lived all the way to 2201. It was a great challenge to find ways to not die until the age of 100, but all the efforts were greatly rewarding in the end. He was apparently immortal but he had to sustain his immortality through a healthy lifestyle and keeping his body and mind in a great shape.

His job as an exorcist monk didn't make it easier, having to deal with dangerous evil spirits and all that, but Gu finally celebrated his 800th year of life after waking up in a beautiful young body again.

Usually his "young" years he always dedicated to contortion and stretching, it was a traditional Chinese way to increase longevity, as they say you're young as long as your backbone is flexible.

Also contortion was useful because evil spirits started disappearing over time, maybe because people ceased to believe in them and those beliefs were the main source of their life power. In the past they'd always summon an exorcist, now they'd just take meds if something troubled them, so for Gu exorcism became something special used on rare occassions, while contortionism slowly became an everyday job that put bread on the table.

One day Gu heard a dull knocking on his door as if someone bumped their forehead on it. He opened the door and saw a topless girl, her breasts were so stunning that it took Gu a second to realize she had no arms, but no scars there either, just nothing extended from her smooth shoulders...

Girl: "I'm looking for young Feng Gu..."
Gu: "That's me but it's Yan Feng Gu."
Girl: "But I was told he's an old man..."
Gu: "But I thought you said 'young'?"
Girl: "Please, can I hold your waist..."
Gu: "But you don't even have any arrr!.."

Before Gu finished, the girl walked closer and he got a strange feeling in his abdomen that completely freaked him out, it's like his body lost all balance and he started falling down in a really weird way, only his mastery of kung fu saved him from hitting his head and when he leaned on his elbows and looked up, he saw his own legs and butt still standing straight in front of him!

Even in the most extreme contortion poses he couldn't imagine seeing his butt in front of himself like that! He quickly stood on his arms, it felt funny but it wasn't the time for fun, he had to save himself! He looked at the door, that topless armless girl was already gone... How could he even fall for this? He hasn't seen any major spirits and monsters for centuries and now all of a sudden such a powerful monster caught him completely off guard!!

Unbelievable! And what is he going to do now, after his body was split in two halves? Gu tried to control his legs and to his great surprise it worked perfectly. His upper body was completely disconnected from the lower half but he could move and even feel his legs just like he always could.

He made his lower half sit down cross-legged, walked on his arms and lowered his upper torso on top of his pelvis. After finding the right balance he closed his eyes and concentrated. After several seconds of mental efforts, his upper body got lifted in the air on its own and took approximately the right position above his pelvis, though the entire midsection was still missing.

Gu opened his eyes and stood up slowly. His body was proportioned and oriented normally again thanks to his special powers, with the only exception that the waist wasn't part of his body anymore.

He stood in front of the mirror and looked at his torso that was sliced really smoothly in two halves. Nothing like wounds and scars, just completely smooth skin both under his ribcage and above his navel, and only air in between...

"This is actually kind of cool," Gu purred to himself.

"Thanks," he heard the voice of that girl again! Gu turned around so quickly that he almost fell apart again. "Be careful," the girl smiled at him, "Here, take my hand."

"But I thought you had no..." Gu almost jumped again when he saw she now had both arms. "Wait, that means..."

"I'm so sorry! But I couldn't live like that anymore, living with no arms is such a curse! I thought since you're an exorcist... you'd deal with curses better than me... So I had to pass it to you... I'm really sorry! I'm sure you'll find a way to get rid of it or just pass it to someone else..."

"So I guess it's a curse that makes one's body partially disappear... I've never had such a curse before, but it feels nice. Think I'll keep it for a while... Thanks for showing it to me. Say, would you like some herbal tea?"

"Yeah, wouldn't mind something hot right now, I'm still shaking..." the topless girl shook her shoulders in a bellydancer's manner and her beautiful breasts followed the motion.

Gu smirked. "This way, please. I just changed the bedsheets."

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What do you think? 😄
Oh my god! Ever since you had the extreme wasp to nothing sprite in the cute little slide puzzle game I was so hoping you would eventually do a full picture of one! The result did not disappoint! I absolutely love this! I would love to see more extreme EXTREME ultra wasping like this. I have a new massive appreciation for wasping (and suddenly a whole new fetish! XD) Masterful artwork!

-Kada Read more
Thank you so much!! The idea was from that game but I wanted to try a realistic version to see if it's worth doing and apparently it's a good direction as it starts to look more fantastic rather than uncomfortable. Well to me either way is not uncomfortable as I love the sexiness of alternatively-trained bodies, be it abnormal flexibility or wasped waists or something else I've yet to discover…but I've got the feeling that many people would rather embrace something completely impossible than something that's actually possible after years of hard training…

But more on topic, I've always wondered why do some of us, myself included, find tight belts attractive in the first place, is it the ultimate fantasy-goal of all corset lovers to have completely separate halves of the body? I've even thought of a magic school where it's the final point in some branch of the achievement tree, like in some video games, but since I'm not a fan of any health or mental issues, in my mind it was all done with magic/ technology/ superpowers… in any case sure worth more art and lore. By the way, for my video game I had a funny idea that the enemies could be skeletons because if the player's character is a contortionist then bones are his natural enemies, i guess if the game had a waspie main character, his enemies would be all sorts of walking bowel-monsters or if the hero was some skinny character like the lich, his enemies could be all sorts of junk food XD Read more
This is incredibly interesting, I was thinking just recently about a similar idea! The 3d rendering technique makes his body look so damn good in that tight suit, I can barely stand it hahah! Absolutely stunning!
--Alldenspa Read more
Guess we have similar thoughts lately, you of the extra pair of arms and I'm of the lacking waist 😆 I'm super happy that you enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing your idea if you're still up for drawing it! 😊 Read more
This is absolutely beautiful and amazing, and I hope we get to see more of Yan with his split body, and perhaps the armless girl who cursed him :) Read more
Thank you so much!! Splits gain a new meaning with this 🤣 I imagine when he goes to sleep or resting, like in a bed or chair, his two halves are living each their own life as he doesn't need to focus on his integrity and can just relax and maybe rest his head on his own thigh like a cushion or somethin XD Read more
What the fuuuuuu...

Wow. I didn't think you could push it further than Nuv and Jack, but I should know to never doubt you.

It's absolutely beautiful, the story was great, and I'm just trying to keep my jaw off the floor.
-tbj Read more
Thank you so much :D "What doesn't kill me makes me hotter" I guess should be slogan of my gallery 🤣 I mean, almost every picture is something that would be lethal to any real person (contortions, pincushions, amputations, compressions, etc, etc), but if you just skip the negative side, there's another layer that is oddly sexy, beautiful, aesthetic, etc.

Guess in a way, it's like a model of life itself... We're only sane because we learn to ignore most of the negativity that happens in the world, all the shit that people do to each other and themselves... we see the pain and at the same time don't see it... and we pretend to be happy by discovering beauty in all this. Perhaps in a way, we're all artists? 😂 Read more
do you have a lewd version? it's for ... my partner ... anyways, keep up the good work, have fun and live well. Read more
Thank you!! I don't have it but I'll see if it's doable 😏 Read more
Хе хе теперь он может когда угодно лизнуть жопку😜
Hehe now he can lick his ass anytime Read more
Какая ограниченная фантазия... И в то же время отличная идея! 🤤
What a limited imagination... And at the same time a great idea! Read more
I love this! I want to see more! Read more
Thank you so much!! I'm working on it already :D Read more
Love the artwork, because it specifically appeals to my fetish (Natural Body Magic) ! I was wondering, will we see more art involving detachable body parts? He looks so cute with his detached lower half! thanks! Read more
Thank you so much :D
In the story Wipe Your Feet, the character is technically a torso-boy who's wearing attachable artificial arms and legs. I haven't converted that idea into an artwork yet but hopefully I will soon! I like realistic NBM that can be "explained" through technology or magic, e.g. the arms could be infused with nanobots that not only control the arm's movement but can be "glued" to the nanobots in one's shoulder and establish communication without requiring physical connection, sort of like Wi-Fi, so one can control the arm like his own... But yeah, one picture is worth a thousand words, so best to think about an artwork and put that in the story :D Read more
just imagine him like this while wearing a crop-top Read more
Conspiracy Keanu: "What if crop-tops were originally created for people who don't have a midsection and then normies stole their fashion" XD Read more
Loving this and the possibilities of more NBM content. Keep up the great work! Read more
Thank you so much!! Will try to make more once I can think of something interesting ^^ Read more
i just noticee: since there never seems to be a zipper on the suits you make his lower half is fully encapsulated Read more
I haven't thought of the zipper XD but maybe it's on the side we don't get to see XD either way funny to imagine him carefully packing his legs and ass into those rubber leggings, then slapping himself on the butt 🤣 Read more
lets face it: we all just wanna see more nbm stuff
I BEG YOU Read more
Thank you so much, I'm better at contortion stuff but I'm trying to think of NBM ideas too ^^ Read more
Some time ago I tried to imagine how it would be to control two bodies with one head so to speak. Most of the times it seemed impractical, but when I imagined sex (ie you use such body only then) it started to make lot of sense... you would feel both ends at once, perfecting techniques everyday.
And then when you would invite your new lover it be some very special threesome :D

Mortality... ie most sad depiction for me was in ES ingame books about elf queen Barenziah. Where she described each new human king as another "dog" which lived few years and then new appeared to the point she lost track.
On other hand there was passage about some khajiit thinking lustfuly about young blond haired human lad :-) and that was super nice image. Having tender moments with catlike pal... then maybe just sleep in his warm, fulffy and cuddly embrace.
Shifty Read more
Dunno, I can move both arms and even individual fingers without any effort, so why would I have problems moving two body halves :P Sex would be like making 👌 with one hand and 👉 with the other basically XD

Wow, that's so disrespectful of Barenziah, isn't it XD But she's right, life is only fresh in the first 20 years, when you see the first 3-4 iterations of the same thing... then you start losing track in the constant repetitions. It's like a video game that's only nice while you're learning and after you get good, it's just boring.

Oh, I've never thought of that before... If humans love to rub and cuddle cats so much, what would it be like to have a khajiit beloved XD Reminds of that catboy Nimbus I had some years ago, maybe one day I'll find a way to make someone like him in 3D... :P Read more
Oh! There is misunderstanding Iam totally onboard with Yan's new form, what I meant were litteraly two same bodies like here :-)

Ofcourse I saw Nimbus, but never read story till now, thanks :) It is obvious dream and yet not that common... maybe its as always about "execution"... you need some sexy horny and good kitty, not just some alley cat for fantasy to work. Plus well it would help if human half was contortionist leaving even catboy in awe as flexibility goes hehe.

Would not use word disrespectful as it is overused lately. And as videogames goes... I could play some for 100 years and still have funn albeit they are multiplayer titles (which I stopped playing cos there is not enough time). In fact Iam pretty sure I could live 10 normal lives and still be reasonably ok by the end (maybe I could create images by that time lol). And when I imagine having new bodies and senses or even better mind to understand whole reality somehow differently... then 10000s of years seem ok.
The fact of your beloved ones diing or favorite things being destroyed is completely separate issue which sux no matter how long you live. As is overal stupidity which you would encounter without chance to correct it again and again and again.... yeah that could get kind of frustrating and "burning out" some passion.

And as good or original stuff goes, there is never enough but always some to be found... just listen to this :-D
I just try to be eternal optimist as that is prop only way how not become bitter realist... which is boring mostly - I know... .
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I don't remember Nimbus's story, I think I just need to spend more time in Blender trying to make fur work and maybe one day I'll do it...

I don't know, I think the purpose of my art is not to be realistic in describing conflicts and psychological traumas. But more like making a parody on "serious" things. When I smell some crap coming close to my art, I always flush the toilet so to speak XD Gotta separate the shit from the sexy asses, if you will.... XDD

I think all negative things are our enemies, we shouldn't indulge in them but fight them mercilessly. Yan Feng Gu is the same, if boredom gets to him, he finds a way to defeat that boredom, he doesn't start dwelling in it. I think we should never invest ANY time into ANY negativity, don't let it turn into a comfy chair but burn it with fire. That's why I see most people in this world as miserable pieces of shit because they really like to indulge in the negative and turn it into a comfy chair because then they can complain about it to others to feed their feeling of importance.

So on a brighter tone, when Yan Feng Gu ran into this division curse, he felt extremely lucky to experience whole new possibilities. Let's hope he knows what he's doing and everything is under control XD Read more

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I. NEED. MORE Read more
Thank you so much for reminding me of it! However, I haven't had any new ideas for this, maybe I could just make "more of the same" :D Read more
i hope we see more of him in this form soon Read more
seeing all this body magic stuff makes me wanna see a guy with his head squished into his torso Read more
I'm not sure if I fully grasp your meaning, but what comes to mind is Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles XD Read more
i wanna see him wear a normal latex suit and a corset or some kinda harness to try an keep his body together...maybe hes wearing something like that under normal clothing Read more
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