Nimby's Bad Day

Poor Nimbus had a very bad day, in the morning he had to perform but was too stressed and did badly, so both him and his master were very displeased. His master called him a "good for nothing" slave and tossed him out into the corridor. He didn't pay any attention to the fact that Nimbus was simply too tired and stressed and that's why he couldn't perform well. After facing this injustice, Nimby felt so hurt, everything kept slipping through his hands and he felt only more and more depressed. Resting upon pillows didn't help, instead he felt he's almost ready to cry into the pillow. But then he sat and stopped his thoughts for a while.

On days like this, nothing helped more than contortion. Or meditation. Or both actually. Yes, both was such a good idea, so Nimby just sat there on the pillow and instead of keeping his back perfectly straight, he curved it backwards as much as he could. It was quite a relief for the body and felt very refreshing already. The more his chest expanded, the less sad he felt. It was almost like it's physically impossible to feel depressed in this position.

He kept sitting like that for 20 minutes, chasing away bad thoughts and didn't even notice how his torso almost completely folded in half and his shoulders nearly lay upon his lower back. It was very comfortable for some reason and he started experiencing very pleasant sensations rising within his body, his back muscles and his backbone. It was very pleasant to feel the skin folds on the back and the tension of the belly and chest.

He meditated for more than an hour and stood up completely revitalized. He wanted to do some more contortion afterwards, and so he did, discovering that his back got very limber after this meditation and he could literally sit on his own shoulders if he wanted. That really made his day very bright, his body was flowing into more and more contortions, he kept playing with himself and thought it was ridiculous that he was so depressed just an hour ago!

In the evening he went to his master, apologized and asked if he could make another performance. The master thought for a while and nodded, and he didn't regret it as Nimbus performed absolutely perfectly and his flexibility and grace were simply dreamlike! The master was so pleased that he asked Nimbus to stay with him for this night, so they had a delicious dinner and wine and a great night together. And thus, one of the worst days turned into one of the best ^-^

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