👿 Et Satan Conduit Le Bal

"Lord of Fold, strongest God below!
To His temple overflowing
Crowds before His bent shape bowing,
The Serpent dares outbend the skies.
With contempt He views around Him
All the vaunted human race,
As they writhe in abject coils,
Without spines and waists they circle
Round about the pedestal,
Round about the pedestal.
Satan, He contorts them all,
Contorts them all!
Satan, He contorts them all,
Contorts them all..."

From the opera "Faust" by Charles Gounod, 1859.

Original here:
Méphistophélès's Act II aria – Le veau d'or

One of my favorites of all times, glad to finally make something inspired by it. Thought Rouge would make a cute little devil at the French opera, hehe...

p.s. YES the slow mo is intentional, I tried various speeds and like this speed the best 👍

What do you think? 😄
А можно без одежды,я так хочу это увидеть 🤗
Or without clothes, I really want to see it Read more
Нет, это заняло слишком много времени, я не хочу больше открывать этот проект... 😵
No, it took too long, I don't want to open this project anymore... Read more
Oh yes more Rouge please! Read more
'fcourse :P Read more
Darn, that's nice. Almost didn't get it! ;D Read more
😉👍 Read more
Amazing Read more
:3 Read more
Beautiful animation! Read more
Thanks! ^^ Read more
Really, if my argentine's tango skills were at that level, I would be the dissociation maestro. You cannot imagine how followers would feel like. Read more
If the future ballet will be like this, it's a pity I was born 200 years too early :D Read more
Soo beautiful 😻 watching him feels like I'm dreaming of him dancing in front of me💭💃 Read more
It's always been my dream to animate some contortion so it looks a bit dreamy XDD Read more
Is it the results of the special training we discussed? He's making a damn good Satan. Read more
For a fallen angel he's got a really damn good balance XD
Also not sure what discussion you're referring to? Read more
As opera or dancing goes my interest is very limited, never seen original. Yet can feel that Rogue-devil is like ballet dancer still learning its craft. He may tumble a bit once in a while, but his passion and energy is so great he will spark interest in audience!
This video is exactly the same, it may not be most fluid 3D animation ever, but everything else is there. Almost like you are dancer himself.

I do love very last second and aside most visible waist his hands! You were thinking on little details like tatoo or proper costume design.

And given everything said, little "blurry" motion is smart solution, even speed.
And thats all since I did used to dance, but were not good, no gift for that.
Shifty Read more
Same here, that's probably the only opera song I know but it's a fun song...
I also think Rouge is new to ballet but had many long years of contortion behind his back. Well it was interesting to work on this animation even if the result isn't great, it started when I found a motion capture of a ballet dancer and I thought the movement was very interesting but the file was old from 2008 and didn't work well with my program, so I had to fix it frame by frame, also thought of adding a little twist. Overall it was an experiment to work with those files but apparently there's no 1-click solutions to animation as had to spend more than one full day to fix it :/

Anyway all these recent animations after 360-degree turntables are just my attempts to make some proper animation but it's really really difficult and sometimes I drop my jaw when I turn on the telly and there's that channel that's 100% made of 3D cartoons and I'm like HOW the fuck do they make it so easily that they can run a whole channel 24/7 with nonstop 3D cartoons! I fail to make even 5 seconds and make it look good -.-

So you see why I was pretty down about both this result and the feedback it got in the first days, sounding like nobody liked it, so I deleted this post. Thanks to your comment on another pic where you asked about it, I put it back. I also wanted to give up on animations because I feel like I have no talent for it but you and other commenters made me feel a lot better, I think I'll try again later! :3 Read more
I can't even imagine how hard it must be to create real 3D clip. Two years go when i was playing around in blender just to get feeling if I could do some simple objects and maybe show them sometime in future I found out there was more shortcuts and menus, than could be remembered X-)
After a while some simple results matarialized, but I realized even for nice low poly models it will take years.

And animations even from pros in tutorials weren't always jaw dropping. Because you need to model everything frame by frame (i guess?) And thats why everyone with big budget is using motion capture even for movement in games.
Some interesting advancements are with Ai algos which can simulate walking etc, but it all is still just showcase, not real tech - to my knowledge.
And then you sometime find on youtube some clip from amateur which looks very good.

So even if I say something is not "fluid" etc I still marvel at a result. It may take many years to find out proper programm and learn it.

My take would be forget any pride and just try animations with simple "dummies" no faces, clothes and train some short movements on them. Stting, or simple bending and just say in description it is only test/sketch. Everyone who bother to look through this page must see you are superb artist and won't do any stupid comments. And those who do are just trying to be "interesting" without work.

Thank you once again, you shared your work with us. Can't speak for others, but I can find interesting and nice bits in those videos!

Maybe it is just my view, but people seem in general lot more meaner than they used to be, but maybe it is just me. It would break my hearth if they made you sad for no reason :-(

Anyway since yesterday Iam working on little story for Noah, first it should have been very short but it is getting longer X-) Read more
Low poly models are very difficult to make because you have to already know how to add vertices, faces and normals... Personally I really like Blender Guru's videos specially the donut series for beginners: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPrnSACiTJ4
I actually followed that tutorial when learning blender, maybe you've seen this ;D

Actually AI is already used in animation software, if you look at Cascadeur it makes possible to move limbs with simple handles and predicts what you actually want to do with them in a natural way and not just in a dumb mechanical way as if limbs were simple pipes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu88WW7JzqI

I wanted to download Cascadeur but was thrown off by how many problems people have when importing their own characters into it, meaning I probably wouldn't be able to animate the characters I already have. But I'll keep looking at Youtube and if I'll see a tutorial that shows how to do that then I'll try ;D

Well, I'd love to remake this ballet animation sometime in the future when I can make it look really nice and fluent because I really like the twist part ;P

Also would love to read your story about Noah! :3 Read more
This honestly reminds me of several B movies I've seen on Rifftrax/MST3K, but in a good way. Well done. Read more
Thank you! Yeah it also reminds me of the very old movies with puppet monsters like Sinbad or Jason and the Argonauts (and honestly ANY movies with non-human characters in 1950-70s)...

I honestly tried to fix it frame by frame but still couldn't do the smooth movement, I suspect only some special software like Cascadeur is able to do physics and gravity based animations correctly... Read more
This is mesmerizing, you're a genius. Read more
Wow, I'm very happy and honored if you enjoyed it so much :D Read more
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