Donut Touch

Is this Satan's breakfast or somehow the symbol of good intentions not being well received? 😂

I dunno, either way this is teh result of me messing around with Blender while following the fresh series of tutorials from the Blender Guru channel.

This is actually my first Blender render ever! Not the first thing I modelled in Blender, but I'd usually bring what I model over to Daz Studio and render there because I used to think it has Nvidia Iray and physics based rendering and all that fancy stuff for high quality rendering, but I was surprised that Blender has all that too and somehow looks...even better?

I dunno. I really like this quality a lot. I'm planning on making some sort of chibi figurines of my characters fully in Blender sometime soon and if I can get them to look this good, it will be fantastic XD

💌 What do you think?

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