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Dariush Lovehorn

"Of course, Love & Potency potions aren't gonna brew themselves. They need a mass of ingredients and sex-related substances, but the most important one is not exactly from this material plane. To put it bluntly, alchemists also need to gather people's Lust," Dariush Lovehorn, an alchemist from Al-Hedsit tells in one of his many scientific publications.

Known as the Black Thaumaturge, Dariush is seen by many as the headmaster of the Alchemists Guild, even though they like to see themselves as an alliance rather than a hierarchy. His main interest is writing sexy books and traveling all over the world for sights and experiences.

"Sex represents Magick, the life force from which everything else is derived. Alchemists see humans as materialized Lust. Think of it, who were you before you were a newborn, even before you were your father's semen? You were pure Lust! And that, believe it or not, is our main ingredient for potions. After all, some people have a sheer abundance of it, while others are lacking."

In order to collect the excess of Lust from overly sex-crazed people, Dariush spend tons of time to make himselves as appealing as possible. He travels all over the world to sign up for new training courses and check out all kinds of gyms and regimes. But how exactly does he gather that magical energy?

"It's invisible but it's still energy, so it's possible to control Lust the same way as other mages control lightnings or fireballs, but I guess one has to study Magick and accomplish several stages of Initiation to develop these abilities."

Dariush is not just a long-haired sexy brewer dancing with a spoon around his cauldron all day, he is also a strong combatant. He loves a good fight and when trouble strikes he's always ready to protect his allies, able to stun the opponents in a second, use all sorts of potions and aromatic vapors.

He doesn't use weapons, however, his famous Non-Contact Punch is able to give a strong nosebleed to any opponent. The protective oil he usually puts all over the body is not just for the looks but helps to easily dodge any kind of swords and arrows, sliding them off as the metal touches skin and negating the damage!

All these abilities will be readily put into use whenever there's a need to rescue a lad or damsel in distress, as such new contacts usually prove to be the most rewarding.

"Don't think I'm some kind of an angel, more like the opposite. I can't help being what I am, a scholar, and you know that all scientists are quite sadistic, haha. I love to push it to the limit, so BDSM has always been my favorite domain when studying the nature of Lust. My current book's working title is 'All Loads Lead to Come', based on the experiments I conduct in my own lair with the help of friends and willing participants."

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