⛓️ Brother Yasha

Chapter 2

Despite bearing all kinds of inhuman devices that the most vicious Christian minds have spawned over the past 23 centuries, the monks and nuns still had to work hard, carry large stones, wooden logs, buckets filled with sand. No one was sitting, lying around, hanging on the wall of some dungeon, everyone continued to actively work on improving blood circulation, digestion and other health parameters that were affected by the extreme body deformations they had to go through on their way to salvation.

Yasha knew little about salvation, but he sure had a lot of salivation from all this variety of interesting ideas that he saw here! All the contortions, squeezings, piercings and other hot things made him feel like he was in Heaven; it was not entirely clear what other heaven the inhabitants of the monastery were looking for?

However, the rules of the monastery were so strict and the austerities so severe that even the worst sins were cleansed in a day or two. The sinless were not allowed to dwell within the walls of the monastery, so in order to replenish their sin-meters, the cleansed had to arrange obligatory sinful activities every evening, as inventive as their austerities, but that's a story for another time...

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Yasha is so beutifully bendy!
I don't know how you make such squishy bodies look so real! Read more
I'm just trying to get better at it for many years 😅 Read more
I should love to see them with the gown off... mostly because my mind can't really reconcile what shape they've twisted themselves into under there. What a flex! Read more
This story definitely sparked my interest in monks! I wonder what crazy "contortions, squeezings, and piercings" they have to put their bodies through to repent their biggest sins! I'd say that some deserve to be put through the most extreme bone-breaking poses, the tightest corsets and be punctured by the most skewers possible all at once! No other way they could repent without doing this! Read more
Oh that sounds like what they would do if someone got a demonic possession by some greater demon! Too bad for them it would probably attract even more demons just to watch the show 🤣 Read more
Fascinating! I can't take my eyes off this! Read more
So glad you like :D Read more
WOW <3 Read more
😁 Read more
Why are the sinless not allowed to live in a monastery? They, too, could subject their bodies to austerities to atone for the sins of others. Read more
I just realised how many of your stories I've put off reading because I didn't want to rush them...

They're always so effing amazing! I love the world building, even that only the most fanatical and fringe of Christian sects survived... It's hilarious. The last bit about having to sin every night was the perfect cap to it. The artwork is, of course, equally awesome. The initial picture is cute-sexy and fun, and the illustration is weirdly beautiful on its own.
-tbj Read more
Thank you, very glad you liked! Read more
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